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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Weird NJ Provides Various Adventures

weird-nj-devils-treeWith Halloween on a Wednesday this year, it is likely there may not be many gatherings around West Long Branch. Therefore, with nothing to do on Halloween night, or even just to get in the Halloween spirit, a great alternative would be following a spooky trail left for you by the very popular series of books, Weird NJ.

Weird NJ is composed of myths and legends around the entire state of New Jersey. First published in 2003, Weird NJ has expanded drastically by creating a website and several magazine editions of their books, as well as forming a broad audience nationwide. Intially made solely for the purpose of handing out to friends, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman began Weird NJ as a pamphlet which eventually turned into a magazine.

The website,, boasts “Something about Weird NJ seemed to strike a nerve with folk of the Garden State. Our little ‘zine’ was getting passed around and finding its way into the hands of people we had never even met.” The two men have now expanded their ‘Weird’ series to include every state.

Since the two Mark’s began their journey in New Jersey, the two have come across many myths and legends in the state. The two main legends in New Jersey are the tale of the Jersey Devil and the myth of Clinton Road, while the lesser known stories include Gravity Road and Thirteen Witches’ Road.

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Haunted Happenings around MU

It is that time of year when pumpkins are being carved and apple cider is being purchased by the gallon. Halloween is quickly approaching, and the tail-end of summer is now a thing of the past.

It is autumn, and at this time of year there are many fun activities to embark on. Whether you want to go apple picking with the family, or hop on a haunted hayride with friends, there are plenty of options around the West Long Branch area.

One of the main nearby attractions, Battleview Orchards, is located in Freehold and is a great place to spend the day. Battleview Orchards have plenty of land where you can pick your own apples and pumpkins. Plus, they have weekend hayrides around the farm.

Also in Freehold is Wemrock Orchards, famous for their homemade pies. Here, you can explore the pumpkin patch, challenge yourself in a corn maze, and enjoy a hayride. They also have a market, bakery, winery, and ice cream parlor, all of which are available during the fall season.

Twin Pond Farm in Howell offers a corn maze, hayride, and even a moon bounce if you are looking to find your inner childagain. This year, they have added a new Thanksgiving catering menu incorporating everything from appetizers to dessert.

Westhaven Farm in Allentown offers the same hayride and maze attractions, but they also have Haunted Happenings around MU farm animals to visit.

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The Beginning of Vintage: Round 2

Teenagers h ave begun to reflect the fashion sense their parents’ had growing up. Although the 1980’s hair or the 1990’s mullet may never return, the fashion from that century has definitely been on the rise. Some may wonder why the sudden fascination with this so-called vintage style.

A clear answer would be the linkage of the vintage style to the up-and-coming hipster crowd. While hipsters may not be making a movement such as the hippies did in the 1960’s, they are crucial in why vintage styles can be seen nation wide.

According to, a hipster is one who follows the latest trends and fashion. According to Generation Y, hipsters are the exact opposite of the dictionary definition. A typical hipster listens to indie music, is in tune with the outdoors, and practices some form of art, whether it be painting, music, or photography.

Others, such as sophomore Laurel Weber do not believe in the hipster rise at all. “What is hipster? Because I toll my jeans, does that make me a hipster? My friend is wearing a flannel so does that make her hipster?” Weber continued. “Being an individual is being an individual. It has nothing to do with ‘hipster’ or whatever that is. Wearing TOMS and big glasses doesn’t have any affect on being yourself.”

Forbes writer Rachel Hennessey believes there is a psychological answer to why vintage has become popular. “There is also something to be said about nostalgia, as wearing clothes from another period can be a sort of escape from contemporary stresses for twenty-first century Americans.” While Hennessey’s theory may be true, there is no set answer as to why vintage is the look to have.

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Supplements Motivate, but Do They Facilitate?

If you are involved with any form of fitness, be it working out in the gym or playing an organized sport, there is no doubt you have heard of someone, or maybe even yourself, using a supplement to complement the exercise. There are endless options and combinations for those who have performed under the influence of these supplements. Some popular fix-ins are Whey protein, glutamine, creatine; their big flashy containers hold up to five pounds of strange smelling powder, and with a little bit of water you have yourself an alarmingly unpalatable fruit drink or chocolate shake that will help you become the next Ronnie Coleman.

Forget a well-rounded and vitamin rich diet; if you want to be a swollen beast or cut like Rambo, the new belief is you need some supplements. Tons of people swear by these products and are convinced that they make all the difference, but the truth is that the legitimacy of a lot of these supplements is equivocal to say the least. There are many other factors that can make or break a training regimen besides the use of a magic fitness potion. As of late, pre-workout supplements that supposedly boost one’s energy and stamina are very popular on the supplement market.

Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Chuck Whedon, gives his opinion on why these supplements have gathered the recent attention of many. “The products have gained an increased interest for the same reason McDonald’s does- effective marketing strategies and heavy reliance on individual ignorance and desire for a ‘quick fix’. Our society’s unhealthy emphasis on appearance lends to narcissism and an eagerness to do whatever it takes to get bigger, stronger, leaner-thinner and better looking,” Whedon claimed.

I recently avoided Whey products and have instead purchased USPLabs Jack3d, one of the most popular of these pre-workouts, and took some before a workout. Here is a detailed summary of my first experience with it:

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Defining Vintage

What Is Considered to be Vintage and Where to Obtain It


Vintage. This word is heard on a daily basis, but does anyone actually know its specific meaning? Depending on who you ask, you can find very different definitions of the word. According to the dictionary, vintage is something that exhibits maturity, excellence, timelessness, and is classic, while claims vintage fashion is “clothing and accessories that are at least 25 years old.” Most ordinary people you ask consider vintage to be anything from the broad range of the 1910- 1980 time frame.

When a younger crowd hears the word vintage, what do they think? The first things that usually cross the mind are clothes, cars, celebrities, movies, and anything old or classic. Iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn can be considered vintage since they lived and starred in films in the 50’s and 60’s. Even some antiques could be considered vintage if they fall into the category of being created in the 50’s, 60’s as well. Virtually anything can be classified as vintage as long as it is at least twentyfive years old, or even appears to be old.

Senior, Alexa Anastasio, gives her own take on vintage. “To the average fashion consumer, vintage generally means something that is old and almost always, used,” Anastasio continues, “To me, vintage items hold much more character than a mass produced, item from a store at the mall. It is much more likely to find someone with the same Forever 21 shirt as you than the same vintage 1960’s collared blouse you found at a local flea market.”

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Behind the Sole: A Deeper Look Into TOMS

lifestyles toms shoesWhether it be boat shoes, sandals, or moccisans, flat soled shoes have always been a present in many closets. This year, a new flat shoe has immersed as the leading brand. Created by Blake Mycoskie in 2006, the shoe company was built after Mycoskie visited South America and realized that Argentinian children had nothing to protect their feet. Thus, the company was inspired to provide shoes on a One to One basis: for every pair of shoes purchased, a new pair would be given to a child in need.

The company established what they call shoe-giving partnerships with national, humanitarian organizations. These organizations have both knowledge and familiarity with a specific community in need. The final step is providing shoes made to fit for the children so that their needs are met for everyday wear.

Some may be asking “why shoes” instead of food or shelters. This is because third-world countries often have children growing up barefoot. This means that masses of children are in jeopardy of injury and disease that most likely will not be treated due to their financial status.

Underprivileged children must go through a multitude of tasks without the comfort of shoes such as walking long distances for necessities like clean water or medical aid. The usual shoe for these children is a pair of black canvas shoes with no laces because laces are often too pricy for families to afford if they break, according to

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Styles for Women Fresh off the Runway

Many people adore the fall crisp weather. What makes fall that much better is being able to wear warm, cozy sweaters, different denims and of course the footwear. From the looks of fashion week, this fall is sure to spice up one’s wardrobe while remaining comfy and warm. Hot off the runway, there are major trends to be seen in this season.

To begin, you must focus on the shirt of choice. Button ups are a traditional, yet very chic piece.This fall, they are much silkier, sexier, and far less boring than ever before. Perfect for layering or wearing alone, celebrities are treating them as the new basic tees. Sophomore Kyle O’Grady states, “I love that button up blouses are coming back on trend. It is a much more classic, feminine look and the possibilities of how to wear them are endless.”

A nice accessory to accompany with a button up would be the ever popular collar necklaces. Whatever the occasion be, these collar necklaces add an extra oomph to a simple blouse and can create a whole new look.

Leather is another fall trend making a big comeback. If you wish to be a little daring, add a leather jacket to your wardrobe. If leather is not for you but you still hope to send a daring message, bring out a more edgy side by grabbing the next fab fall piece: graphic pullovers.

As for bottoms, the pencil skirt has been an upcoming style. Its versatility provides a great reason to invest in as many as you want. Pencil skirts can be worn to the office or a night out with the girls when accompanied with the proper top and accessories.

This look is also great for any body type as it is snug in the right places to accentuate curves, then continues straight down for a slimming look. The pencil skirt is typically seen in dark colors, but this fall, pencil skirts can be found in fun, patterned styles. The patterned pencil skirt has plenty of personality to go around and it really plays nice with anything you can imagine.

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Ways for Men to be Comfortable and Sharp this Autumn

Contrary to popular belief, fashion trends are not just for women, and this season there is an exceptional focus on men in fashion. Here are some guidelines to stick to so you are always dressed for success around campus.

The most important items to have in your closet are of course, the essentials for each season. No man should be without a few pairs of structured jeans in a few different shades, and some solid tees in neutral colors. When it comes to jeans, it is a good idea to have a dark pair and a light pair, which creates diversity in your wardrobe. Light colored jeans are perfect for everyday wear, and you can dress up with a dark wash.

You can never go wrong with a pair of khakis either; they are neutral but give a different feel than jeans. Because the colder months are approaching, long sleeves and thermals are also a good idea. Once again, you can never go wrong with a neutral color and a classic fit. With these basics, you can layer different pieces to create new looks, or wear them on their own for a casual and simple outfit.

The essentials do not just stop at jeans and tee shirts. Button ups are also a cold weather must. These are perfect if you want to look a little more formal for class, or if you are going out with friends on the weekend. Plus, they come in not only solid colors, but patterns so you can mix it up. Button ups are not only useful on their own—you can wear them under a vest, sweater or jacket to create layers and keep warm. Just make sure you iron them before wear.

Fall is the ultimate sweater weather. During the next few months, you will be grateful to have some knit pieces. V-Knit pullover sweaters are always good to have, to wear alone, or over a button up or polo. Cardigans are also a good way to add a bit of “back to school” into your wardrobe. Plus, you can use them over and over again with different outfits. In order to look cool and stay warm, sweaters are essential for your autumn attire.

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Eating Right to Make a Run Last

Whether it is a marathon or a mile, eating properly before and after a run is crucial to one’s success.

What to eat before a run is common sense. Lean towards processed carbs along with low fiber fruits while straying away from junk food and soda. The reason processed carbs are preferred over healthier items such as whole grain bread is because these are easier on one’s stomach while running. If planning to run some point throughout the day, a wise choice for breakfast would be a non-whole wheat bagel with peanut butter accompanied by a small glass of water.

After a run, many feel as if they are invincible. Make sure to keep in mind that even though you have worked out, your body has to replenish all that it has lost during the run. One should aim to get a decent amount of both unprocessed carbohydrates as well as protein into their body after a run. Many runners follow a 3:1 or 4:1 carbs to protein ratio. While this is the norm for a decent number of runners, everyone is different and it is important to figure out what ratio is best for your body.

A great drink of choice after a run is chocolate milk. According to, “consistent consumption of chocolate milk after sustained exercise dramatically lowers the levels of creatine kinase (an indicator of muscle damage).” Another drink to consume after a run would be a protein shake. Whey and Soy protein powders are favored by many marathon athletes because they help restore muscle glycogen, a main supplement used by the body during long distance runs.

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Distance vs. Sprints

Which is the Better Choice?

Sprinting vs distance: While both include running, there is an ongoing debate about which field is particularly more difficult to compete in and better health wise.

“Sprinters rely heavily on glucose as energy sources in their events, which at the top level last less than a minute,” Livestrong. com stated, “Distance runners, on the other hand, rely on a mix of stored muscle glycogen, which is converted to glucose, and fatty acids liberated from fat cells and muscle cells.”

Head Track and Field coach, Joe Compagni, states, “I think they are both difficult in their own way. I think anytime somebody trains as a sprinter and sees what long distance runners do, they earn some respect for them, but then the reverse is also true. The distance runners look and think the sprinters workouts are not as challenging but then they actually do them and see they are just a lot more intense.”

According to Forbes, there are both pros and cons to sprinting as well as running long distances. Jon Entine believes that sprinters are born not made. “Genetically linked, highly heritable characteristics such as skeletal structure, the distribution of muscle fiber types (for example, sprinters have more natural fast twitch fibers, while distance runners are naturally endowed with more of the slow twitch variety), reflex capabilities, metabolic efficiency and lung capacity are not evenly distributed among populations,” Entine notes in one of his articles.

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Running the School: Literally

lifestyles-running-the-schoolStaying fit in college is not the easiest thing to do. The Multi-purpose Activity Center is a great, inexpensive way to stay in shape but many people do not like working out in front of others, let alone being forced to go to a gym. Instead of using the MAC, some may like to run outdoors and view nice scenery on the way to their destination. As a former collegiate cross country athlete, I will present you with some insight to great running paths around MU.

The number one thing people love about the University is the close proximity to the beach. A great way to enjoy a beach day while getting exercise would be to run to the shoreline. Running from the library towards the beach and stopping at the end of Cedar Avenue is precisely a mile.

If one were to run to the beach, stay there for a little, and then run back, it would be an enjoyable two mile workout. If one wanted to push themselves further than a one mile mark but still preferred to use the Cedar Avenue route, it is a novel idea to turn left onto Ocean Avenue. Making a right turn at the first street will bring one to the shoreline but would also add an extra .3 miles to the route.

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