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Packing Up Your Dorm Room Tips || Lifestyles

default article imageWith the end of the year approaching comes the dreaded time of packing up your dorm room. Moving out can be a stressful time, but there are things you can do to make it easier. Although dorm rooms are typically small, they are still packed with so much and moving out can be a difficult process. You might feel overwhelmed, but it is important to take things one step at a time. Doing a little at a time can definitely go a long way.

By reading this, hopefully you can learn some tips that can make your process of moving out one that isn’t a dreadful task. One tip that can be extremely helpful is to move out with all of your clothes on hangers so that when you go to hang them up again you don’t have to waste time by redoing it. When preparing yourself for the move-out process, making a checklist can be a piece of advice that may make your life a little easier. In order to ensure you don’t forget things, making a list of all the things you need to remember is crucial as well as extremely helpful. Once you have packed your belongings in boxes, be sure to label them. Labeling is a huge time saver when you need to start unpacking everything that you just packed up. Not only will it keep you organized in the moment but it will help you remember what is in each box.

Time management is crucial when it comes to packing. Packing up in one day is not an easy solution so save yourself some stress by gradually taking small steps to accomplish this big goal. Brielle Kough, a junior psychology student, said, “When I was packing up my dorm room I spaced it out. If I knew I was going home for a weekend and I didn’t need certain things anymore then I would take them home with me before move out day.”

If you move things out a little at a time then you won’t be so overwhelmed when move out day sneaks up on you.

Over packing is a huge problem that people tend to face especially when it comes to setting up a dorm room. Most people do not realize how small their room is until they are moving in and see how much stuff they have.

Then, when move out day comes around, you tend to underestimate how much stuff you have because the room is so small and things might be hidden.

Anthony Conrad, an Area Coordinator for Residential Life, said, “Purge! It is spring, so some spring cleaning before move out will really help you pack up only those things you really need to keep and bring home.” Conrad also provided advice in saying, that using black trash bags can be a great way to tansport your clothes in an easier manner. He gave a great tip when he said that a hand truck can be very useful when trying to transport heavy bins.

 These are all very important tips when moving out of your dorm at the end of the year. You definitely want to make sure your room is clean so you don’t get charged with any extra fines. Coordinating with your roommate or roommates is also important; if someone bought something in the beginning of the year then make sure they are bringing it home too. Don’t take extra things that aren’t necessary.

Colleen Moretti, a junior communication student, said, “My roommate and I discussed who was going to bring what ahead of time so that packing was much easier for move out day. We shared a refrigerator so that we wouldn’t have to pack two of them up at the end of the year.”

Taking this advice will eliminate unnecessary stress when it comes to moving out at the end of the year. Organizing, labeling, and time management will help you be less stressed when it comes to packing. Make your life easier by abiding by these tips, and good luck with your moving out process.