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Finding Inspiration in an Age of Social Media

default article imageMore often than not we see people grabbing for their phone in times of silence and automatically open up Instagram.

Why are we so attracted to the ins and outs of other people’s lives? Are we searching for a way to take the focus off of ourselves or is it a need to improve our own realities?

In an age where there is so much information, it’s hard not to be influenced in different directions. Our control over the definitions of what is beautiful and what is cool have strayed from us and developed from what is put in to the media.

I have found by being selective in what accounts I follow, I can remain to true to myself. Some of the inspirational people I find helpful are Iskra Lawrence, Nonstop Travelling, and David Goggins.

Iskra Lawrence is one of my favorite accounts to follow. In a time where I struggled with perfectionism and discovering myself, I found strength in her posts. She has set an example for women of all sizes, all body types, and all ethnicities.

Iskra is a model who does not fit the typical mold. In her life, she has taken what set her apart from others and used it to her advantage. After following her for a while, I started to look at my differences as positives.

Her pictures are unfiltered most of the time and display what it’s like to be human and authentic even when she’s under the lime light.

Want to travel the world but afraid you won’t have the funds? Nonstop Travelling will prove you wrong. This account tells the story of a couple who lives out of a van and travels the world taking pictures and experiencing new cultures. Seeing two people determined to live their dream regardless of money limitations pushes me to be fearless in my pursuits. For them it’s traveling, for you it might be graduate school; whatever it is, there are ways to achieve it.

David Goggins is a retired Navy Seal who has battled obesity and has shown that humans are capable of whatever they put their mind to. He has participated in exhaustive competitions that have forced him outside of his comfort zone.

His ability to be mentally tough and to understand how to embrace the power of his own mind is something I apply admire and use in my life. His posts consist of him pushing limits and sharing positivity that gets people wanting to better themselves and change their perspectives.

These are only a few of the accounts that I follow that are inspirational and motivating to me. Students at Monmouth as well as other college students are so lucky to have the resources to connect with people who are out in the world doing things with their lives and inspiring others.

Following inspirational accounts on Instagram and social media can lead to you becoming a person that can be an inspiration to others in the future.

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