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Crocs: Fashion & Function

This weather is crazy. One minute it’s raining and the next minute the sun is shining and you are sweating. What shoes are both functional and fashionable for such weather changes? That’s right, Crocs.

You are lying if you say that you never owned Crocs. I can remember the first time that I got a pair of Crocs. I was seven years old and my mother came home from the shoe store with these funky foam shoes in three different colors. She was the only person in town to sport these air, water shoes. People would stop her and ask what they were and where the heck she bought them. Next thing I knew, everyone in my family had at least one pair of Crocs.

First, let’s talk about their functionality. Waterproof. Boom. Sure, they have holes in them so your feet get a little wet, but they are more elevated than flip flops and provide more support and stability.

Most Croc styles, and there are a lot of them (but we will get to those later), come with a security strap that can be placed around the back of the heel so that the shoes do not fall off. Crocs dry easily. Oh, it has stopped raining? Your shoes will be dry in five minutes, tops.

Now, let’s discuss the fashionable aspect of these wondrous water shoes. Crocs come in a myriad of fashions. There are the classics that come with the ankle strap. There are “Mary Janes” that are slightly more feminine. There are flip flops, clogs, sneakers, boots, and probably many styles that are just waiting for you in your local Crocs store.

 Probably my favorite style of Crocs were the Mammoth Crocs. These were perfect for winter. Lined with a plush, sock-like lining, these shoes were waterproof slip-ons that kept your toes warm. What a concept.

You might think that Crocs are just for young tikes, but I have seen quite a few adults wearing them lately. One of the greatest athletes of all time, Serena Williams, was rocking Crocs in a recent Instagram video. Last week I saw a huge football player walking to class with a pair of black Crocs on his feet, better yet he was wearing socks with them. Do not think that you are too cool for these foam foot beds.

And, do not think that Jibbitz have gone by the wayside either. For those of you who do not remember Jibbitz, they are little rubber characters, or designs that fit inside of the holes on top of crocs. One of my male classmates donned a fresh pair of purple Crocs that were decorated with an assortment of Jibbitz.

My mother and father still wear their Crocs around the house. I have actually inherited a pair of my mother’s first Crocs so they have become somewhat of a family heirloom. If you can take away anything from this little article let it be known that Crocs are beginning to resurface because of their functionality and fashionable qualities.