Looking for a Summer Job Leaves Employees Sunburned

opinion-summer-jobsIMAGE TAKEN from collegebound.netThe time is approaching where we all need to fill out some more applications. I’m not talking college applications (thank goodness that is over with) but I’m talking about summer job applications. College students are scrambling to find summer jobs to make a little bit of cash before the next school year. But it isn’t that easy. Applying for a summer job can be incredibly stressful.

But wait, isn’t it supposed to be summer? Summer isn’t meant to be frustrating. It’s meant to be spent relaxing poolside with the warm sun beaming on our faces, people splashing in the pool, and just feeling that is there no worries at all; you know, hakuna matata.

Summer is not supposed to be stressful. However, applying for summer jobs can make the sunny break a little bit more difficult.

How come finding a summer job isn’t easy? How come it isn’t like making a cake; mix ingredients, put it in a pan, bake it, ice it and there’s a tasty cake ready to be devoured. Finding a summer job isn’t easy like cake, it’s like trying to perfect the perfect gumbo, finding all the right spices and ingredients to ultimately match everything up flawlessly; it’s a complicated process.

Applying for a summer job doesn’t just involve one application. There’s one application for a clothing store, another for a beauty supply store, then there’s one for a supermarket, also one for a summer camp counselor, oh wait let’s not forget the lifeguard application (given if you’re CPR certified) and then throw in a waiter/ waitressing job and you’ve practically applied for every summer job out there. You then find yourself neck-deep in summer job applications hoping and praying that a least two of them will call you back for an interview.

It definitely doesn’t help when our parents are breathing down our necks about finding a summer job; it makes it even worse. But we have totally mastered the concept of asking our parents for money. We’ve truly made it into a type of art.

Cue the sad puppy dog faces and simply say, “I’m sorry my lovely parental units, but I’m suffering from arthritis as I’m filling out eight to 10 applications. In the meantime, may I borrow 10 bucks because I’m a poor college student?” Then you smile ever so brightly and become 10 dollars richer. Or your parents could be like my parents and just laugh in your face.

Summer job applications are also confusing. References? Intended salary? Illegal aliens? Do you want a résumé? Will you even look at my résumé? To answer all of these questions, the applications have this information and a little box to where the information needs to be filled in.

Are the employers checking to see if my handwriting is small enough to fit all the information in an itty bitty box? Since we are testing ourselves on how tiny we write, let me mention that I have a brain and a really good GPA. Does that matter for anything? Most likely not.

I guess my knowledge of cell structures and the function of mitochondria doesn’t really pertain to how well I could fold a shirt properly and put it on display.

I think summer job applications should undergo major reconstructive surgery. They should definitely get bigger boxes because I really don’t want to suffer from hand cramps anymore.

Summer job applications also shouldn’t be three pages long; all I want is the job. Unless you’re going to have me write novels for you, I don’t want to write three pages worth of information.

Lastly, why don’t you ever call me? All I want is a call from one or two of you. I don’t have cooties or anything, I have a really nice smile and I’m a people person! Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my job application, so call me maybe?

IMAGE TAKEN from collegebound.net