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Take a Ride to the Big Screen

default article imageIt’s a Friday night. You’re wishing you made plans but instead you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve cycled through all your social media apps. Nonetheless, you’re bored and looking for some good entertainment. But, the sweatpants are on, your face has been washed and your hair is a mess, so there’s no turning back now; you’re in for the night.

Before you grab the remote to start the endless search for a new movie on Netflix, I’d advise you to take a few minutes to reconsider. There is a lot of entertainment out there, and for the most part, you don’t want to have to get all gussied up for the occasion. Now of course there are the go-to’s: Netflix, HULU, (or any of those illegal sites) or the classic movie theater, but don’t rule out the old school drive-in quite yet.

The drive-in movie theater is a win-win for all types of movie goers; the romantic, the cheapskate, the heavy snacker, the whisperer, the cackler, etc. The drive-in caters to the wants of each and every member of the audience, all in the luxury and comfort of his or her vehicle. Although you may be leaving the house, you’re really only steps away from your own mobile theater. 

Nobody wants to break the bank just to get some valuable entertainment. Drive-in theaters cost anywhere from $4.00-$8.00 per person, while including two different showings. An average theater ticket costs around $12.00 per person, not including drinks or snacks, for just one showing. This is about four times the cost of a drive-in ticket, taking into account the amount of movies being shown. 

No matter your age, drive-ins are guarantees to throw you into a time warp. From the sea foam green color scheme to the large graphic advertisements, you’ll get lost in a new, or old, decade. This type of movie experience is also a great way to get away from the crowds and spend a little time alone. Try to think of the last time you had an intimate conversation at the movie theater. The drive-in provides a personal space in your vehicle where conversation will not disrupt others’ experience. 

Additionally, there’s no need to be conservative with the snacks. Movie theater snacks tend to be pricey, and you can only smuggle so much candy inside the pockets of you jacket. At the drivein, however, you can bring in all the food you want, without the risk of getting penalized if caught.

Although the closest theater to Monmouth University is about an hour and a half away, in Warwick, New Jersey, the drive-in is an experience, and more than just movie entertainment. Rather than being confined to the inside of your dorm, spend some time off campus at an outdoor theater. It provides great entertainment for a reasonable price.

After visiting my first drive-in theater this past summer, I wish to never go back to a regular movie theater. The drive-in is a great way to experience a piece of the past, while adding a little adventure to your normal theater outing.   Next time your find yourself dreadful scrolling through social media or Netflix looking for something to watch, throw it back to the 70’s and head to the drive-in theater.

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