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Weekend Escapes

default article imageDo you ever feel like you need to get away and just escape all the realties of the world?

Whether it is the piles of work that seem to never get smaller, no matter how much work you are doing, or the drama in your social circle; getting away is a good thing.

For me my escape is home. Home is Baltimore, Maryland, which is about a three-and-a-half-hour drive. It was important to find a school that was within driving distance to my house because for me family is everything.

However, going home does not always have to be the final destination of weekend getaways. When people think of vacations they often think of lavish trips that are almost unaffordable especially to college students. Think of different activities that make you happy. If hiking is something you enjoy look up local trails near campus.

At Monmouth University we are lucky that the beach is within a mile from campus. When you are feeling stressed, try walking along the ocean side just listening to the waves as they crash on the sand.

Stress is a very real feeling. Especially being in college we all feel the pressure to constantly perform. Whether it is in the classroom or socially there are always expectations that we feel need to be met. According to the article Health Benefits of Weekend Getaways researchers from the University of Illinois found that taking breaks such as a weekend get away can help to improve productivity and focus in the long run. This “always on the go” mentality that has been engrained in our brains since we were little can help to hinder our mental health.

Life is short, its up to all of us to find the meaning in our own lives that can make us happy. We don’t always have to go through the motions because that’s what we are comfortable with.

Too often we get comfortable in our routine and opt for the safe path. Life is too short to play it safe. Strive for the times where you get those butterflies in your stomach. I’m not asking to make outrageous decisions, but create meaning for everything you do.

In today’s society we are so pressured with the constant image on what a getaway is supposed to look like. Out favorite blogger is traveling throughout Europe and we become jealous of their life. Instead of being jealous about someone else’s life, go out and live yours. I know it sounds like a cliché.

But, jealousy can inhibit you from living your own life and following your own path. Just because someone else is doing something that seems cool does not mean you are supposed to be doing the same thing. Find your escape whether it is going home for a home cooked meal or just taking a walk.

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