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Goals = Success

default article imageGoals are always a great thing to have for yourself when starting a new school year. Having goals are important because of the directions it can lead us. Setting goals and sticking to them can lead to achievement.  Some of my goals for this school year are to be better at prioritizing my schoolwork, time management, traveling, and pursuing new hobbies.

This year, I will have the motivation to be better at time management, by doing all my homework the day it is assigned. This will give me the opportunity to plan my week out with assignments that are due and exams that I have to study for. (Also, by prioritizing the assignments I will know what I have to get done before moving onto the next task.)

Every school year is different from the last; a fresh start to explore and try new things. Whether it is exploring new hobbies or clubs during the school year, I think this is something that will benefit me in the future.

I recently joined Monmouth University’s online publication, The Verge. Also, I am continuing to write for the student newspaper, The Outlook. I thought that it would be beneficial to join and explore different things that will help me achieve my goals within my major.

I believe that setting goals for yourself leads to a successful semester. It is important to have goals so that it gives you long-term and short-term motivation. Goals, such as, doing your homework the day it was assigned or to stop procrastinating will help you better organize your time and resources. By setting these goals during the semester, it keeps you on the right track and leads to feeling more prepared. Having goals is key to a successful semester because it will improve your mentality to do well.

During the semester there is a lot to get done throughout the week and setting goals is important to achieve these weekly tasks. For me, with a very busy schedule, that changes daily, I find it to be helpful to write things down and to set reminders on my phone. These steps help me stay on track and accomplish my tasks. Making to do lists help you a whole lot in order to succeed. A main goal for me this semester is to make to do lists weekly of all the assignments and other tasks I must complete.

 In my opinion, having goals and achieving them is very important. Goals are not only helpful today but also for the future. During a job interview, the question may come up: what are your long-term goals? So, goals don’t just have to be for the school year but can be used in your life outside of school or in your future career.

Having goals can make a difference in the future. When you accomplish your goals, it is satisfying to know that you completed them and are moving onto the next objective. All around, setting goals for yourself is the key to success!

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