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What To Be Thankful For

Thankful ForWhen someone asks me “what I am grateful for?” I stop and think to myself about all the people around me, and that usually answers the question. My answer is simple, my family and friends are what I am most grateful for. Without them in my life, I do not know what I would be grateful for.

However, I am also grateful for the life that I live and the opportunities that I am granted. During this crazy time that we all are living in, it makes you realize how much you really should be grateful for. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I think we all have many things to be grateful for.

However, I know this year is not exactly what we all hoped for but we still all have so much to be grateful for. I know I am happy for my health and being able to spend time with my loved ones. Even though it is a hard time to get together with everyone, especially during the holidays, there are still various ways of communicating.

This year has not been the best for many but realizing what good is still in your life, makes you appreciative of the things you do have. Sometimes it is hard to remember what is important and what is not when you are dealing with tough situations in your life. However, knowing how grateful you are and appreciative of life is what I have been trying to do.

I have realized more than ever that I have a lot to be grateful for. I would be lost without my family and I am forever grateful for their presence. They are always there for me, especially during hard times when I need them most. I am thankful for all that my family has given me.

I have always been told that you cannot choose your family but you do choose your friends and acquaintances that you associate yourself with. Everyone needs to have some true, reliable friends in their lives. Now, this does not mean someone has to have a bunch of friends. It is better to have a few good friends that will always be there for you no matter what than to have dozens of friends who you cannot trust.

I have an amazing family and friends in my life so what I am most grateful for is the love that I am surrounded by. I am thankful for their love and how their support has given me the strength to be successful. I cannot imagine a single day without them right by my side.

Overall, I think we all need to reflect on our blessings this Thanksgiving. We are all going through these unprecedented times and need this holiday to reflect and restart our mindset to finish off the semester and year on a brighter note.


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