Calling All Gagas and Beyonces

Calling All GagasEveryone knows why women buy super high heels, right? It’s because they are drop-dead gorgeous, and as an added bonus, they make our legs look awesome. Taking this into account, we add the factor of walking in super-mega-high heels on campus; the sum of this equation just spells “ouch.” College girls always wear high heels when they go out, and some may even wear them to class. Girls need to have at least two solid pairs of high heels...or maybe eight. I guess it all depends. But in college, heels go with outfits like Oreos go with peanut butter (Parent Trap reference intended).

We see super high heels everywhere on TV, in the magazines, and on the movie screen.  They’re impossible to ignore. All of our mouths drop as soon as we see Lady Gaga walking in 12 inch heels, that are fantastically covered with glitter (or whatever crazy thing Lady Gaga wants to put on her shoes), walking on the red carpet.

Now, let me just say that she can walk in those heels flawlessly. I’m sure that I can speak for some people when I say I can barely walk without wearing any heels at all. Like really, I can’t even walk straight let alone walk straight in high heels. Yet, even though I can barely walk in high heels, I continue to wear them because they make my legs look good.

I know some of you reading this are probably thinking, “Rachel, they are just high heels. Anybody can walk in them.” And to that I say, “Really? Well then I guess I have achy foot syndrome.” Listen, I have absolutely nothing against high heels, I wear them, but I just can’t imagine myself walking around campus having my feet screaming at me.

I’m positive that most girls on campus, after wearing high heels, would have their feet screaming at them in pain. You can’t sit there, read this and disagree. Everybody has those days (no “Hannah Montana” pun intended). You can’t say that you’ve never worn heels that didn’t hurt you at first, really needing to break them in in order to feel comfortable.

I’m sure that there have been nights where you’ve worn high heels, only to regret the fact that you even wore them in the first place. Then you have the “ugh, stilettos were a bad choice” moment, but hey you looked good in them, right? I totally get that heels are a confidence booster and make legs look 10 miles long, but don’t your feet kill you by the end of the night? But I guess pain is beauty, right?

Another icon that infamously wears high heels, and no doubt looks amazing in them, is Beyoncé. No one can deny that she is fierce, Sasha Fierce if I’m being specific, and that she can definitely rock a pair of super-duper high heels. Now I look at Beyoncé (being all Sasha Fierce-y, dancing on stage and telling people that if they like them they should’ve put a ring on it), and then look at myself and want to be able to run around on a dance floor in high-heeled stilettos and make it look effortless.

If anyone can actually do this, please let me know. I’m a quick learner. Not only is Beyoncé able to run around and perform in high heels, but they’re also stilettos, meaning high-yet-skinny heels. So now take stilettos, mix them in with me walking around campus, and that just spells “disaster.”

Clearly, heels are a definite must-have in college. We all want to be like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga as they strut their bad-romantic-run-the-world walk on stage. I guess I see heels as not only just an accessory but also as something that gives girls confidence. It might sound kind of lame, but it’s a true fact.

Yes, heels are pretty and yes, they make us confident, and duh, they kill our feet, but it’s definitely the price we pay to wear those high heeled stilettos. Even though we probably don’t know it, we all channel that inner Gaga-Fierce persona every time we slip on a pair of black pumps or nude stilettos.

PHOTO COURTESY of shoe-collection.us