Effect Celebrity Instagram Posts

Effects of Celebrity Instagram Posts on Social Followers

Effect Celebrity Instagram PostsBeyoncé announced that she’s pregnant with twins at the beginning of this month, and the whole world completely stopped. Queen Bey has captured all this attention with her Instagram post that depicted her sitting on a bed of flowers with a veil over her head. A little extra? Yes! But we, as loyal fans, absolutely loved it.

What’s crazy is that fans all over the world have theories about the pregnancy, saying that the photo could have many different secret messages. One big theory being the colors she’s wearing: the pink bow on her bra meaning girl, and the blue underwear meaning boy. Is she poking at the fact she could be having fraternal twins? It’s possible, yet just a theory made by us fans, the Beyhive.

The Instagram photo currently has over ten million likes; she captioned the photo: “We would like to share our love and happiness.

We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters.”

What other celebrity pregnancy could stop the world like Bey’s did? Not many. When a celebrity gets attention for certain things, some fans believe that they would get the same reaction as the celebrities do if they were to copy the celebrity’s actions.

In Beyoncé’s case, her pregnancy reveal had a tremendous reaction: sure it would be amazing to have that type of response for anything, but, sadly, that’s highly unrealistic.

Beyoncé’s news spread quickly, and this gave insight as to how celebrities’ actions and posts have influence on our youth. In this case, we saw a frenzy of reactions from fans, one even stated that class was ended early over the news.

Today, we’re living in an era of technology—everything is shared through social media and therefore, the world, with a touch of a button.

Today’s youth has been exposed to much more than just the use of new products. We also see the ugly downfalls in celebrity role models’ lives due to problems like alcoholism and drug addiction through this major outlet of social media. The most common issue comes with self-esteem. Teen girls see photoshopped pictures of pin-thin models, which can cause body image issues.

With a younger sister in my life, I hope she never stops seeing how beautiful she is, no matter what she sees online. Everyone should continuously believe in themselves and do what they feel is comfortable for them. Be your own person and be a leader, not a follower.

In Beyoncé’s case, being unique and creative is something she’s amazing at, and it drives us, and the Beyhive, wild. Yes, Beyoncé looks fantastic, even when months pregnant, but that shouldn’t keep us from thinking that we are beautiful too.

There is an unfortunate impact of celebrity Instagram posts on our youth, and even on ourselves. The important thing to remember is to keep on being ourselves.

Sure, some of these celebrities are phenomenal role models for us. Their risqué posts are not always an indication of their behavior, but each post should be taken with a grain of salt.

We are not celebrities (how unfortunate!), but we can still emulate their positive qualities such as imitating their philanthropy quests, positive outlooks, and, for some, healthy relationships.

IMAGE TAKEN from instagram.com