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Wait, This Isn’t the iPhone 5?

default article imageOops! Apple did it again! As it has been posted just about everywhere, the new iPhone 4s has recently been released. People have been lining up and waiting hours to get this brand new device. It seems that this has become a ritual every year when Apple creates a new product. As an iPhone user myself, I understand why the phone is so desirable. You can play music, search the web during a phone conversation, play games, and even video chat.

So what’s the big difference between the iPhone 4 and 4s? Well, for the most part it is essentially the same design with a few tweaks and improvements, but it’s really the new settings for the phone this time that is making waves. The new operating system has been set up with some newly developed applications that are convenient if you are on the go and make life easier.

The new iPhone does have some new features that are helpful and honestly just plain awesome. There is a new coating to prevent smudging and fingerprints, new camera features, and a new operating system that you can use to plan out almost anything. The new camera has face recognition to take crisp pictures, and shoots in 1080p HD for video.

It even has a feature that let’s you print wirelessly from your phone! Imagine the convenience of writing a paper and simply pushing an app to print it while answering a text and checking Facebook. Even though these new features are amazing, it really is the new updated operating system that has stolen the show.

With the new iOS 5 software, the 4s has a back-up system called iCloud. This basically saves everything on the phone from music to photos to your text messages. Also, if a person owns multiple Apple devices, the iCloud syncs  all the devices, so there is no need to rebuy apps for every device.

If a person buys Angry Birds on their iPhone, it will automatically be synced to their iPad or iTouch. The syncing on this feature is simply awe-inspiring. Songs, games and iBooks started on one device can now be started right where they were left off on another.

The 4s has also put a new title on its resume: personal assistant. The new app Siri is a voice-activated planner where you can schedule dates, birthday reminders, and even send texts simply by talking.  You can ask it questions, and it will respond and comprehend what it is being asked. It can be anything, whether it is finding a restaurant, seeing what the weather is like, or checking traffic.

However, there are a few features that buyers may not find so appealing. For example, you can track the location of someone else’s iPhone. It may seem useful if you are forgetful or a worrisome parent, but it also is creepy that a person can be tracked down so easily.

It seems that it is the software that is really causing all the attention this time around, not the 4s itself. Sure the aspects of the camera are better, but that is really the only new item on the phone. The new operating system is the only thing driving the sales of the phone.

Honestly, if you already have an iPhone there is no reason to trash it and spend another few hundred dollars on another one. There is no point to buying the iPhone 4s unless you do not already have an iPhone. The new operating system iOS 5 can be downloaded off iTunes.

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