The Hype Over All Things Healthy

The organic food craze has undoubtedly swept the nation in recent years and its popularity is only growing. But despite the huge trend organic foods has become, it still faces criticism Not being able to afford the high price tag of organic foods; and not trusting how organic foods are processed are just a few complaints typically heard from people.

  In today’s society, our focus is on quickness, convenience and instant gratification at the snap of a finger. Most of the time, we can do just that. Fast food chains and artificially processed rubbish are everywhere. But do we know what are we compromising ourselves to eat just for the convenience of faster, cheaper, and easier?

Sadly, even the big name supermarkets’ shelves are stocked with foods containing pesticides and chemicals that many (including myself) would argue are harmful to our health. While the switch may seem strange to many, having to spend those few extra dollars is worth it.

With organic foods it comes down to how the animals are nurtured and how plants are grown.  Organic means that the products are clean of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or genetically engineered seeds. Many people believe that because of these aspects, organic foods are safer and healthier over all.

You do not have to be a health freak to go organic. Organic products are tremendously beneficial to any lifestyle, and the changes necessary to make the switch are truly miniscule in perspective.

The high demand for organic products has it much more accessible to the general public by being available in supermarkets such as Shoprite, Stop & Shop, and even Wal-Mart. The reality is organic foods are usually only a couple of dollars more than their non-organic counterparts.

Gone are the days where one would need to make a special trip to a health food market (if they could even find one) or spending up to hundreds of additional dollars on organic products.

Which type of product would you prefer, meat that comes from animals injected with hormones and kept in less than satisfactory conditions or a healthy animal that has been well nourished?

Fruits and vegetables that were sprayed with chemicals and pesticides the entire duration they were grown doesn’t sound too appetizing to me. The choice is yours to make.

If you could improve your health as well as the quality and longevity of life by making a few easy switches with no detriment or inconvenience by going organic, would you do so? I know that I would. Because there is no price that you could put on leading a long, healthy and happy life.