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The “Atrium” Takes its First Beat in the 2017 Spring Semester

Monmouth’s campus is always under a constant strive for improvement, whether that be a change of branding logos and slogans, a revamp of our technological advancements, or construction on campus in order to improve the physical looks and functionality of our campus.

As of recent, there has been construction on the south side of campus in between Edison Hall and Howard Hall. In previous years, there had been a hallway-style link between the first floor of Edison Hall and the second floor of Howard Hall. In fall of 2015, construction started taking place that would remove the link and replace it with a new building complete with various rooms and offices, giving the School of Science more room to grow.

The construction took about two years to complete and at times the construction was a hassle for students to get around. Now that construction is complete, The Outlook editors discuss their views on its completion and the journey on getting to this state:

For editors who had classes and other activities regularly in Howard Hall, or simply on the south side of campus, the construction affected their daily commute. One editor said, “Sometimes the construction was a hassle to navigate around because it would cause closures on walkways on campus which made getting to some buildings a little confusing. Overall, we don’t have that big of a campus, so going a little out of my way wasn’t so bad.”

Now that construction is done, many editors are happy to be able to travel easily to that side of campus. Another thing students are happy about is the appearance of the new building, called the “Atrium” as of now. One editor has class in the atrium and commented, “I think it’s really modern-looking and have a very business feel to it. It hardly looks like a school building once you walk in.”

The accessibility and convenience are other features of the new Atrium that positively influence the flow of the campus. One editor said, “It’s much easier for students to travel from one building to another and I’m sure when all the construction is done [fully] it will greatly improve the campus and the students’ learning experiences.”

Editors agree that student satisfaction will be greatly improved by the completion of this project. One editor commented on the satisfaction of students with classes that have a lab component, “I have heard that all new labs will have running water, which will make labs more productive and smooth for students, and will also provide more room and utilities for students of this major.”

Another editor observed the positive impact this completion will have on prospective students and said, “This is definitely a great thing for prospective students, especially because a more up to date science building means expanded research opportunities and adds an incentive to come to Monmouth.”

The Outlook editors agree that the Atrium is going to have a positive impact on the future of the university. Once the semester starts and more students are able to experience the convenience of the atrium, they will understand its positive impact as well.

Up next on the ever-changing and improving campus, is the construction of Kessler Field. Construction, while it can be a nuisance for some students, usually ends in the production of a beautiful product for all to enjoy on campus.

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