Roll Call: Words from the SGA Senate

default article imageThe 9/11 Remembrance Event was a great success. The Senate would like to thank everyone who attended and helped out. Over 100 people from the campus and community attended and the new addition to the campus, a piece from the World Trade Center site will soon be built into a memorial on campus.

During a meeting Nicole Levy and Oscar Sanchez had with President Gaffney, the Senate was relayed the following messages:

Revenue: An engagement party in Wilson brought us $100,000, so they are looking into renting it out again in the summer to bring in more revenue and get the University’s name more publicized. There will be renting appointments during the academic year this will not interfere with the campus.

New Resident Hall: The University is looking into a new resident hall, designed like Mullaney Hall to be built in Lot 6. Room and board will not increase.

Substance Abuse: President Gaffney also stressed the importance of helping one another when it comes to drinking and/or drug abuse. He hopes for all of us to encourage friends to make the right decisions and be responsible in their actions.

Kelly Craig has been selected to be SGA’s freshmen ambassador, which is a new position that SGA created in order to give the freshmen someone to go to if they need help, to help other committee members with their events, and to have meetings once or twice a month to keep them on track.

Club Approval: The 5,6,7,8 Dance Club has been approved by the Senate. The group is a recreational dance club, not looking into performances, but rather focusing on dance as a form of exercise and fun. The club will give members the opportunity to choreograph different dance styles and teach it to the group each week. The Baseball Club will also be coming soon and the Ultimate Club as well as the Military Friends and Family Club have been pre-approved.

Big Event: Becca Baier is still in the process of planning the campus-wide community service event that will take place on October 22. T-shirt designs are currently being worked on.

Homecoming: Samantha Schaffer is looking into novelty items and giveaways such as necklaces, stickers, stress footballs, and bandanas for the weekend. The Committee is hoping to plan a bonfire or barbeque to take place after the pep rally, and hoping the University football team will be involved. A Text-2-Win contest is being planned to encourage students to attend and stay for the game.

Elections: There will be no meeting Wednesday due to upperclassmen and freshmen interviews.