How Will Political Science Prepare Us for the Job Market?

Political Science Job MarketLife after graduation marks a moment in time when one phase of life ends and a new one begins.

Many people mark this new beginning once they have successfully secured a job for themselves out in the real world.

In the job market today, it pays to have a desirable degree in your grasp.

No one wants to be waiting by the phone twiddling their thumbs and hoping for a call back.

So the question comes down to, has the degree one has chosen made them desirable to prospective employers?

And more critically, do Political Science majors really have an edge over today’s job market?

For the past couple of years, the unemployment rate in the country has been substantial.

According to Voice of America, the U.S. unemployment rate is currently 9.10 percent. New Jersey has an unemployment rate of 9.4 percent.

Obama recently addressed the nation concerning a new bill that would extend unemployment benefits, cut payroll taxes, and allow public works projects to be funded, according to CNN. In times such as these, what one knows defines what they are able to achieve.

Amidst the pool of other degrees, Political Science stands out in more ways than one.

“It emphasizes leadership through service, good citizenship through civic engagement, and career preparedness through internships,” said Dr. Rekha Datta, a Political Science professor.

It is through these traits that Political Science is able to transform and mold its graduates into attractive candidates in the employment world.

Employers are looking for graduates with a wide variety of skills that can be utilized and expanded upon.

These students go on to intern at such places as the White House and other government establishments. Who would not look twice at a resume boasting such credentials?

“The department here does an amazing job placing students in internships. In fact, about a dozen students, including myself, will be involved with a program called the Washington Center. This program places students in internship programs that range from CNN to the White House,” Fred Strahl, a Political Science major said. The support of the faculty within the department is overwhelmingly helpful according to Strahl and has inspired his plans once he graduates.

He, along with a few other students, will be placed in internships where they will work alongside professionals in the field.

“Many employers that I have talked to believe that Political Science majors have very good critical thinking skills that are extremely helpful to any business,” Fred Strahl said.

What is it that makes these graduates so appealing amid the thousands of others with differing degrees?

One factor that is highly regarded is speaking and writing.

“The major emphasizes writing, research, and speaking skills through policy debate and Model UN, and engages students in the local and global communities and agencies,” Datta said.

The University’s Debate Team has gone to places such as Florida this past spring and won several trophies and individual speaking awards.

These skills instill within graduates the aptitude that can be used widely and diversely throughout many different careers and fields of interest.  

“Political Science is actually a wonderful ‘hybrid’ discipline; a great major for a variety of careers,” Datta said.

Today’s job market is a harsh and treacherous road that needs to be navigated with more than just a resume and a sunny disposition.

Speaking and writing skills, and being able to think critically and analytically is what makes the difference in the end.

“These critical thinking skills prepare students for the volatile job market by making them good at critical thinking and problem solving, strong writers, and communicators knowledgeable about the world,” Datta said.

The major preps students for the harsh realities that await them once the walk for graduation is over.

It is because of this preparation and real world experience that these graduates are getting hired.

The skills acquired from four years of study is the ground work to build for a career in politics, the government, or whichever field of work one chooses to pursue.

Whether it be going into law, government, education, business, or continuing on to higher education, Political Science has shown just how varied its skill set can be.

When it comes down to it, Political Science graduates have such a wide selection of career paths that they can venture down.

GRAPH COURTESY of tradingeconomics.com