North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack on America: Is a Bombing Imminent?

kim-jong-un-north-korea-1The nation of North Korea is flexing its muscles and trying to scare the international community by threatening to attack the Unit­ed States. Last week, North Kore­an leader Kim Jung Un authorized the use of weapons against Amer­ica. A U.S. official also told CNN that the North Koreans currently have two medium range missiles loaded and ready to attack the U.S. The missile components, ac­cording to American and South Korean officials, have a range of 2,500 miles.

They also claim to have nuclear weapons ready to be launched. Many observers say that they do not have the capability right now.

China, who North Koreans seem to view as an ally, have rebuked the actions of the North Koreans. New Chinese President Xi Jinping said at an international conference Sunday that “Countries, whether big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, should all contribute their share in maintaining and enhanc­ing peace.”

Dr. Charles Cotton, professor of political science, and interna­tional relations agrees, “They do not have the capabilities to launch a nuclear strike against the U.S.”

He continued, “Even China has told them not to attack the United States.” Not only has the supposed allies of North Korea told them not to attack the U.S., Fidel Castro, the longtime leader of Cuba, has said in a rare written commentary that “North Korea should not risk starting a war that could affect 70 percent of the Earth’s popula­tion.” He also called the situation on the Korean peninsula “absurd” and “incredible.” Castro, who was at the middle of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, says this poses the greatest risk to the world since the Cold War.

Dr. Christopher DeRosa, as­sociate professor of history at the University, agrees with Cotton that an attack from North Korea is unlikely. “They are most likely blustering to increase their lever­age, foreign and domestic. But in so doing, the DPRK has created a dangerous environment in which one side or the other might mis­calculate each other’s intentions,” said DeRosa.

The South Korean government says that they believe North Korea will launch a missile on April 10. Though they assure the world this is a test, South Korea is ready for any kind of attack from the rogue regime. Senator John McCain from Arizona believes that this kind of brinksmanship from North Korea could be very dangerous.

On CBS’s “Face the Nation” he said that “More than once wars have started by accident and this is a very serious situation.” The United States and South Korea would retaliate against any attack, and McCain is also positive we would win in any armed conflict.

Many would question the mo­tive behind this kind of brinks­manship and rhetoric from the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The U.N. has continuously sanctioned North Korea for con­ducting nuclear tests.

Sophomore international re­lations student Saliha Younas doesn’t think that North Korea will attack the United States, but wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Political Science major Sam Maynard does not think that North Korea will attack the United States. He said, “In North Korea, you can gain credibility by doing something heroic. Kim Jung Un is trying to prove himself as coura­geous to try and maintain the cult of personality.”

A new poll taken by CNN/ORC shows that for the first time a ma­jority of people are pessimistic about the situation in North Ko­rea. Forty one percent of Ameri­cans believe that North Korea is an immediate threat. This is up 13 percent from a month ago. Not only is America now more worried, but Japan has deployed missile defense in Tokyo in prepa­ration for the missile test North Korea is said to conduct this week.

A CNN article by Jethro Mullen states that a possible explanation for this kind of action by North Korea could be that Kim Jong Un wants to shore up domestic sup­port, especially from the military. He also states that another possible reason is that North Korea is try­ing to secure direct negotiations with Washington. Either way, this is one situation which everyone around the world will be watching closely in the coming weeks.

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