Whos Who in SGA Nicole Levy President

Who’s Who in SGA: Nicole Levy – President

Levy, a senior, is the newly elected President of the Student Government Association (SGA).

She is a Public Relations major and Business Marketing minor, from Long Island, New York.

Levy feels that Public Relations has so many components to it, from event planning to advertising to speech writing, which is why she is so passionate about the field.

Ultimately, Levy said she hopes to have a job that gives her a creative and expansive outlet that allows her to interact with all types of people involved in different fields and businesses.

Levy became involved with SGA immediately during her first semester of her first year at the University and according to her, it was the best decision she has made during her college years so far.
She was one of six first year student Senators chosen during her first month at the University, and immediately knew she wanted to be the Student Body President of SGA for her senior year to give back to the University community.

Her involvement allowed her to meet close friends she still has today, expand her portfolio, and make her opinion count.

“SGA is my family and I love the organization and everyone involved. If you don’t think your voice was heard, or you don’t understand why something cannot be changed, talk to us. Our office door is always open, our e-mail is always checked, and our Facebook is always logged on,” Levy said.