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33 Things to do at MU Before You Graduate

Since we only get four years at college, why not make them the best we can? Often times, students journey through college and never experience the full package of all that their undergraduate experience has to offer simply because they get too caught up in schoolwork or extracurricular activities. If you clear the 33 tasks below before graduating, you are well on your way to cap the surface of your undergraduate years.

1. Miss class just because it’s raining.

2. Try every type of bagel available at Einstein’s.

3. Go on a bike ride down the boardwalk by the Diplomats.

4. Connive your way out of a University parking ticket.

5. Gain the freshman 15 and then lose it (and then some) at the Fitness Center.

6. Visit the Annie bathroom in Wilson Hall.

7. Search for the disappearing pet gravestones by the gnome hut.

8. Make out in the gnome hut.

9. Have a snowball fight on the Quad.

10. Ride down through the underpass on the trays from the dining hall while it’s snowing.

11. Go to the beach when it’s snowing.

12. Eat 30 cent wings at Jack’s.

13. Have a squirrel walk you to class… and then watch it get eaten by a Hawk.

14. Pretend you’re sick so that someone in a golf cart will drive you somewhere.

15. Stay at the library until 12:00 am.

16. Ride the ‘haunted’ Wilson Hall elevator.

17. Jump into wedding photos in front of Wilson.

18. Take a midnight trip to Shadow’s.

19. Have a chat with Evelyn Herrera, the Plangere custodian.

20. Eat a fat sandwich from Nelly’s.

21. Attend a 6:00 am basketball game.

22. Have a conversation with Shadow the Hawk.

23. Try on the Shadow costume.

24. Get splashed by sprinklers in December.

25. Learn to garden as well as the MU gardeners.

26. Become best friends with the security guard in your dorm.

27. Get “over-quota” in your Squirrel Mail inbox.

28. Leave your comfort zone by joining a club by yourself.

29. Introduce yourself to President Gaffney in his office.

30. Bid your farewells to the Jersey Shore and study abroad for one semester.

31. Eat an omelet made by Carlos in Magill Commons.

32. Eat one of those strange themed cupcakes from the Dining Hall.

33. Write an article for The Outlook!

Editor’s Note: This list was compiled by The Outlook Editorial Staff.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University