Hollywood to the Jersey Shore 1

From Hollywood to the Jersey Shore

Meet Professor Rob Scott of the Communication Department

Hollywood to the Jersey Shore 1At the University, there are many professors that one can meet, who will help guide you along your career path and future endeavors. One of these professors is Robert Scott, Specialist Professor in the radio/TV concentration of the communication major.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Scott lived in Scotch Plains until the age of five when his family moved to Lincroft. He attended the Christian Brothers Academy for four years, and then his family moved to Brielle on the Manasquan River.

After graduating high school, Scott decided to attend the United States Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut for about two years until he reevaluated certain things and decided to transfer to Monmouth College (Monmouth did not have university-status at that time).

This is when he really started experimenting with film and video. “During high school and undergraduate studies, I spent a great deal of time taking photographs, shooting 8mm film and video, and writing as a hobby. I was also doing the same as part of related school activities and a few minor professional jobs,” said Scott.

Originally, Scott wanted to pursue a career in marine biology and fantasized of attending the Woods Hold Oceanographic Institute and traveling the world’s oceans. “Then, I learned the significant role that math and science play in these professions,” joked Scott. He then changed his major to history and political science.

Two days prior to his graduation, however, Scott experienced the passing of his father. “This was a pivotal moment in my life that led me somewhat adrift,” admits Scott.

Due to this “adriftness” and his great love for boats and the sea, after graduation Scott turned to boating as a full-time profession. Already working on boats for most summers in his life, Scott took to the life of a boater and fisherman very well. For the next four years, he found himself working seven months of each year fishing down in Florida and the surrounding Bahamas, and then five months fishing up north in the waters of New England and Jersey.

Hollywood to the Jersey Shore 2Soon, Scott decided to return to school and focus more on his love for film. He attended the University of Miami, and it was there that he started to really gain footing into the professional world of film and television.

“I was fortunate to become involved with a number of professional productions in South Florida involving music videos, TV shows, independent films, commercials and infomercials,” he said.

After graduation from film school, where he earned an MFA in Film studies/Screenwriting, Scott made the big move out to Los Angeles. There, he continued his work on music videos and feature films and eventually found himself working as an office temp. “It’s something I never imagined myself doing,” admitted Scott. “It started because I needed to pay the rent, but the upside was I got my foot in the door of exciting places I couldn’t access on my own.”

For over the next eight years, Scott worked at talent agencies and production companies and eventually ended up at the New Technology & New Media Department at The Walt Disney Company.

“My positions at Disney really launched my professional career in media,” said Scott.

Then, after nearly a decade in Hollywood, Scott decided to return to his roots and travel back to the Jersey Shore where he obtained a job as a professor at the University.

Scott still has numerous freelancing jobs in media writing and consulting for various projects and companies, which he does while still teaching his classes at the University, as well as being an advisor for Hawk TV News.

Scott still works part-time on charter boats in New Jersey, as well as kayaking and saltwater fishing.

Scott said, “The greatest advice I can offer based on my professional experience is to practice your oral and written communication skills, don’t be hesitant in pursuing your dreams, always remain professional, try to learn something new every day, and treat people with respect.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Blaze Nowara