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To Club or Not to Club?

It’s a tale as old as time, and as true as it can be. A lazy Sunday afternoon after a week’s worth of hustle and bustle. A day to relax and maybe, well, do something. But what? Everybody else seems to be doing something. Or perhaps they’re with someone new. Someone they met by becoming more involved in school activities. While they are at it, they are probably doing something more productive than watching a rerun of the Jersey Shore.

While there are students who get involved in school activities, there still remain those who seem skeptical or downright resistant. What some may not realize is that when they take a part in student involvement, they are not only opening themselves up to new opportunities, but they are benefiting themselves and perhaps someone else as well.

Becoming an active member of student activities shows that students not only want to do more than just be a member of the University, but it shows that they can do more. By joining clubs on campus, whether it is The Outlook, Hawk TV or even a fraternity or sorority, students are displaying their willingness to broaden their horizons.

Although involvement does indeed have its perks, some students may point out busy schedules or simply a lack of interest as a reason to not get involved. A lack of interest should not be a preventing factor. Students should involve themselves in clubs or associations that interest them; involvement is all about working on something in which they are passionate as well as sharing their interests with others.

Reach out to an organization that has to do with your major. For example, if you’re an art or photography major, become a part of those organizations. If this is the profession or field you want to be a part of after your time at Monmouth, then start getting some hands-on experience now. And the best part is, you don’t need to get a grade for it- it’s all about the experience.

However, students should not overdo it. Being involved is taking time out to participate in an enjoyable activity and to create networking opportunities. Learning to manage time can also play a part in involvement.

Instead of checking Facebook or searching through Tumblr, maybe it is a good idea to finish that English paper. It will certainly lighten the workload and provide more time to trek across campus to sit down at a meeting for the Italian Club or to socialize with other members of the Catholic Center.

Getting involved with campus activities is a major part of the college experience that all students should take advantage of. Not only does it allow the students to get involved on campus, but it also allows them to make lifelong friends while doing something they are passionate about.