SGA Mike Migliaro

Who’s Who in SGA: Mike Migliaro Sophomore Senator

Mike Migliaro is a sophomore majoring in Applied Communication. Migliaro is a Sophomore Senator and is also involved on the Human Relations Committee which works on public relations around the nearby communities and promoting events open to the public, such as the Big Event.

As a Senator, he gives his opinion on certain issues and votes on topics that should benefit the University community.

Migliaro became involved in SGA last year so he can get more involved on campus and make decisions that will benefit the University community.

“My involvement in the organization will help my time at Monmouth be so much more enjoyable. So far, in such a short amount of time, I’ve made great friends and am happy to be a leader on the campus. I suggest others to get involved with the Student Government Association as well. It’s a great feeling to know that your voice is heard and you make a difference,” Migliaro said.

The Sophomore Senator is looking forward to what unfolds this semester but is anticipating the BIG Event, after all the hard work that has been put into planning and organizing it.  

PHOTO COURTESY of Mike Migliaro