SGA Soraya Quezada

Who’s Who in SGA: Soraya Quezada Academics Chair

Soraya Quezada is a senior majoring in Biology. She hopes to be a doctor and will be attending medical school once she graduates in May. Quezada is from Keyport, New Jersey.

She has the position of Academic Affairs Chair in SGA. Quezada works with the Provost and the academic departments to improve the overall academic quality for the student body. This includes any issues from class scheduling to concerns with professors or advisor’s.

For example, Quezada was recently briefed on the new plagiarism tool that professors will now be using. She has also held the position of Elections Committee CoChair.

She joined SGA her sophomore year to get more involved on campus and to meet new people. “I thought it was important for me to get involved, especially as a commuter. I really care about Monmouth and want to see the University and it’s students succeed,” Quezada said.

SGA is the governing body for all clubs and organizations on campus and acts as a voice for the students.

Quezada explained that everyone should look into SGA to help improve the University and make it the best it can be for students.

She said her proudest moment on SGA thus far was being voted into the Senate from a general member, to a voting Senator her sophomore year, as well as holding committee chair positions her junior and senior year.

“I am looking forward to having a great year on Senate and getting as much done as we can and more to improve the University for the students. I am also looking forward to a great senior year and making it worth my while the short time that I have left at Monmouth,” Quezada said.

Her advice for freshmen is to get involved on campus especially through student government. It’s never too late.

“Be active in the organization and join as many committees and volunteer as much as possible to get the most out of this organization,” Quezada.

She described that she will miss weekly meetings next year when she’s graduated. “I will especially miss working with a group of overall fun, loud, and interesting people on Senate,” Quezada said.

PHOTO COURTESY of Soraya Quezada