W Soccer 11.2.11

Women’s Soccer Team Looks to Reach New Heights in the NEC Tournament

The women’s soccer team has concluded their regular season play this weekend by facing the Sacred Heart University Pioneers and the Farleigh Dickinson University Knights. The Hawks were able to even out this weekend and bring their final record to an impressive 117 stature.

MU entered the game against the Pioneers with a 106 record but unfortunately left the game with a 107 record. Right from the opening ten minutes, it was easy to see how evenly matched the two teams were. Both teams also showed their aggressive side by gaining two fouls each within the first five minutes of play. SHU quickly took over the game from there on.

They managed to take six shots off of MU goalie Joclyn McCoy within a seven minute span, McCoy was able to stop the Pioneers from all of their 16 shots taken during the first half. Although Monmouth only recorded two shots during the first half, one of those shots landed in the back of Sacred Heart’s net. It was junior Stacey Kadell who was able to score her second goal of the season off a pass from freshman Alexa Freguletti with two minutes left in the first half.

As the women retreated towards the sidelines for half time, the score was 10 in their favor.

With their heads held high, the Hawks came back on the field knowing they had to win this game against their NEC rival. Sadly, the chaos began within three minutes of the second half. Sacred Heart put a one on their side of the scoreboard with no effort lost. One MU’s own player’s headed the ball into her own net by accident, but it was not an accident which the Hawks could afford.

Understanding that the score was even once more, the women did not let their energy wane. Shortly after the Pioneers first goal, they were able to make the game 21 and eventually, this became the final score. The Hawks must have changed their mentality after the second goal because they appeared to become a new team. The women managed to limit SHU’s shots on goal to four after the goals instead of a previous 16 shots on goal. Even though they improved greatly, it was not enough to get another goal and the Hawks fell to Sacred Heart.

With two days in between their weekend games, the Hawks were able to catch their breath before facing a current 4121 Farleigh Dickinson University. Playing on the Great Lawn Halloween night, the girls headed into their final game before the playoff berth. The women were able to beat the Knights with a final score of 21. Sophomore Monique Plescia and senior Courtney Synder were able to get Monmouth on the board while sophomores Alexandra Baca and Dana Costello were awarded the assists. The Hawks boasted 26 shots with 12 of them being on goal. It was a fairly easy day for goalie McCoy by stopping merely two shots.

Reflecting on the season was freshman Jillian Root, “In the beginning, we did not come out as strong as we should have, but as the season progressed, we continued to grow as a team.” As for preparing for the playoffs, Root commented, “We have waited all year for this and we have the talent, now all we have to do is execute.”

The Hawks have taken major steps this season, after failing to make the NEC tournament last season. This year they were able to pull out some big victories and qualify for the tournament. They finished in the top four in the NEC, giving them a chance to compete for the NEC title. The women will be competing in the NEC semifinals this upcoming Friday. Their opponent is still to be announced.

PHOTO COURTESY of MU Photography