Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Win Battle for Top 2011 Album

Well, 2011 has been quite the year from a musical standpoint. There have been numerous new bands that have broken into the mainstream, successful bands who have continued their success, and old bands that have made valiant returns.

Considering there are only a few weeks left in 2011, now would be a good time to list what I believe to be the top five albums of the year.

  1. Foo Fighters – Wasting Light.

Hands down the best album of the year and I do not believe any other album this year will be able to top it. Wasting Light was easily the bands best release since The Colour and Shape, which was released back in 1997.

The band went back to their old rock roots, releasing great hard rock songs like “Bridge’s Burning,” “Rope, Walk,” and “These Days.”  The Foo Fighters also had an old friend help contribute on the album with former Nirvana bassist Krist Novaselic collaborating with the group on “I Should Have Known.” It was nice to see him and Dave Grohl back together again.

It’s very hard to find a song that is not listenable on this record, which is why it is easily the number one album of 2011.

  1. Blink-182 – Neighborhoods.

After a six-year hiatus, Blink-182 finally returned to the music scene and released their highly anticipated album Neighborhoods this past September.

The idea behind the name of the album was that all three members (Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker) had all taken their talents to different areas of the music world since they were last together for an album back in 2003.

The album does not disappoint, as there are several strong tracks such as “Up All Night,” “After Midnight,” “Ghosts on the Dance Floor,” “Snakecharmer,” and more. You’ve got to listen to the album with an open mind though.

This album is far from the old pop-punk Blink-182, but to see how they’ve grown musically, I would have to say that most who listen will be very satisfied.

  1. The Wonder Years – Suburbia I’ve Given You All, Now I Am Nothing.

Arguably one of the best lesser known bands around, the pop-punk band The Wonder Years is so close to breaking through and making it big.

Dan “Soupy” Campbell writes deep lyrics that any person can relate to, especially on a college level.  Songs include themes like leaving home, starting over, and dealing with an overall theme of growing up.  With songs like “Came Out Swinging,” “Local Man Ruins Everything,” “Don’t Let Me Cave In,” and “Coffee Eyes,” The Wonder Years have that talent to become mainstream.

New Found Glory, Blink-182, and Sum 41 were all pop-punk bands who have had mainstream success, and with this album, The Wonder Years could be taking strides to get on that level.

  1. Jay-Z and Kanye West – Watch The Throne.

To add a little diversity to my top five albums, I figured now would be a good time to mention one of the best rap releases of the year. How can this album not be good, when it combines the talents of two of the best rappers around today in Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The two complement each other terrifically and it makes for quite the listening experience. Some notable tracks to listen to off the album are “Otis” (which has a guest track from Otis Redding), “Ni**as in Paris,” “Gotta Have it,” and “Illest Motherf**er Alive.”

  1. Drake – Take Care. 

In one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Drake released his second studio album, Take Care, on November 15.

The album has already had much success with radio hits like “Headlines” and “Make Me Proud,” which features Nicki Minaj. It’s only a matter of time before more songs off this album become hits. “We’ll Be Fine,” “The Motto” (feat. Lil Wayne), and a slow song featuring Rihanna called “Take Care” are tunes that have great promise and top 40 radio station play written all over them.

Drake definitely took a step forward in his career and Take Care makes for a great listen, no matter what kind of music you are into.

As 2012 slowly approaches, one can only expect there to be even more great new music released in the new year. Time will tell, but for now we say farewell to 2011 and enjoy what is currently playing.