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Beyoncé’s Blue Baby

We all know how ridiculously famous Beyoncé is: there is no one out there that doesn’t know of her existence. She can even make grocery shopping look fierce.

No one can resist from busting out of their chairs every time her hit “Single Ladies” comes on, doing their best interpretation of Beyoncé.

Don’t sit there and shake your head, you know you’ve done it. For the people who are reading this and going, “I’ve never, ever done that,” you’ve probably done it the most, don’t deny it.

Straying away from Beyoncé wannabes, her career is immense; filled with Destiny’s Child and solo album hits.

If you had to look to any one celebrity, to see who did everything right it would come down to one word: Beyoncé.

A few years after marrying the infamous rapper Jay-Z, they kicked their marriage up a notch (or nine months to be exact) and announced that they were going to have a baby.

Let’s back track to last years VMA’s: Beyoncé comes out on stage singing her song “Love on Top,” the song that would make you reach for the volume and turn it up to its loudest. Through the entire performance she’s dancing and singing, making it seem effortless, while wearing a glittery blazer.

Once she is finished dancing around with the microphone stand, she struts (notice not walk, but struts) along the runway of the stage.

After she carries her song until its very last powerful note, she unfastens the button on her blazer to reveal the blouse she wore underneath it, unveiling her baby bump, and the crowd goes wild.

And that’s what started giant shenanigans: the pregnancy rumors and the paparazzi trying to get pictures of her and her baby bump.

It was like looking for America’s Most Wanted, except the person that was most wanted wasn’t even born yet…and wasn’t a criminal.

Everyone was waiting for Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s baby to arrive, waiting to catch a glimpse of the little newborn.Finally the baby came, given the full name of Blue Ivy Carter.

With a name so strange, quite the story comes with it.

The “Blue” portion of her name derives from Jay-Z’s newest album Blueprint that is a major hit.

A song titled “Glory” features the newborn, making her the youngest recording artist on the music billboard.

The “Ivy” part of her name comes from a number of things, most importantly the number four. Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z have the Roman numeral IV tattooed on their ring fingers, they were married on the 4th of April, Beyoncé’s birthday is the 4th of September, Jay-Z’s birthday is the 4th of December, and Beyoncé released her fourth album this year.

After Blue Ivy was born, post pregnancy rumors began to stir. People questioned whether or not Beyoncé faked the pregnancy, and adopted a baby.

Really people? How could Beyoncé, a woman who openly announced her pregnancy on the VMA’s, fake a pregnancy?

What could she have done, stuff her shirt to make it look round? What are we, five-years-old playing house?

No. Beyoncé wasn’t a teenager looking to be on the show “Teen Mom,” she just wanted a little bit of privacy.

She wanted to keep her family life private, and I think we should do nothing but applaud her.

Most celebrities would be soaking in all of the attention to only crash and burn later (Kim Kardashian’s wedding/marriage/divorce would be a prime example).

I feel like certain things are blurred for celebrities when it comes to their private lives.

I understand that they are celebrities and are always in the spotlight, but certain things shouldn’t be showcased for everyone to know.

Cool beans, we all found out Beyoncé was pregnant, but that doesn’t mean we have to track her life and hunt her down for the first baby photos.

I don’t think we should hype up things like celebrity pregnancies or a wedding, or anything that is a part of someone’s private life.

Despite all the hype, rumors, and shenanigans concerning Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s baby, Blue Ivy, we can all agree that this was definitely “destiny’s child.”