And In The End… | Anthony Panissidi’s Senior Goodbye

My idea of heaven: working as a reporter at The Outlook for the rest of my life with this same group of people while making $100,000 per year…or more.

I’ve said it countless times – I don’t see how any future job will ever amount to the fun that I’ve had here, even if I do land my dream job with The Wall Street Journal.

From major news stories about the announced retirement of President Paul G. Gaffney II to feature stories about the origins of April 20th as national pot smoking day, The Outlookhas given me skills that I can use in my first journalism job along with other unforgettable experiences.

Thanks to The Outlook, I got to go on two free trips that took me to the beautiful West Coast. From staring in awe at the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, CA, to dining atop the Space Needle on its rotating floor that provided a panoramic view of Seattle, WA, I will always remember that my first time in both of these gorgeous cities was with The Outlook staff. Call me nostalgic.

Unfortunately, my time at The Outlook and the University has to end so there are many thanks and goodbyes in order. I’d like to start by thanking the academy…just kidding.

My Real Family

First, I need to thank some family members, beginning with my late Uncle Robert. It’s been five and a half years since your death from brain cancer, but your teachings continue to inspire me. Somehow, you still hold the title of my mentor despite how long you’ve been gone, which is a testament to how great of a teacher you always were. There’s so much that I’ve done in college that I wish I could’ve told you about, but I hope that you’re somewhere smiling down at my progress on this test that they call life. Of course, I realize that there are a million more questions that I need to answer before I can put my pencil down, so stay tuned.

Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. Who knows where I would have wound up without the positive influence and great home life that you two continue to provide. Mom, thanks for always cooking dinner whenever I came home and relieving my stomach from the dining hall’s food. Dad, thanks for organizing my finances and cosigning my loans so I could go to college. Now, I remember telling you guys roughly four years ago that I would pay off those loans by myself. About that…

My Outlook Family

Gina, remember when I first became an editor and you asked me not to call you GG because then everybodyanthony-and-outlook-in-la else would? Sorry. There isn’t a single soul in this office who has been subjected to more of my sarcasm. Let’s put all kidding aside for one second, but only one second. You have worked wonders in this office in just two short years; just look at the national awards that The Outlookhas won during your reign. There is no doubt that you walked through the door and made the change. No, I will never stop quoting that. Your relentless work ethic has united this office for the last two years, but even through all of the stress you still managed to laugh uncontrollably at the usual office antics. I’ll never understand how you didn’t kill Brett. Anyway, part of me is glad that I won’t be here next year because I can’t imagine this office without you.

anthony-and-brettBrett, aka the man of a million voices, can you believe I’m graduating? Can you believe The Wall Street Journal still hasn’t called? Can you believe how much I can listen to the same songs? Can you believe we roomed together in L.A. and Seattle? Can you believe that you have yet to rip out my vocal cords for constantly saying, “Can you believe?” You’re a huge part of the reason why I think The Outlookwill always be the most fun job I’ve ever had. From “Hey Girls” to “Ad Girl” and all of the “Ahahas” in between, I don’t know what I’m going to do in my next job without you there to constantly break the tension. I’m sorry that “DJ Repeat” can’t be there next year to constantly play the same songs over and over. Good luck as Editor-in-Chief.

Joanna, aka partner aka sweetheart, any job is going to be strange without you constantly beside me. During anthony-and-joannatwo years as the co-news editors, we’ve had plenty of times when we wanted to pummel each other. Thankfully, there have been far more good times, like last Christmas when I helped stuff you in a box that was three quarters of your height before carrying you into the hallway outside of the office where I left you helplessly leaning against the wall begging to be moved before anyone saw. And how could I forget when we went clubbing in Seattle; that trip with you was great minus the two nights I had to stay up and take care of you and your weak stomach. Remember the obnoxious baby I had to sit next to on the flight out there? Glad you could laugh at my misfortune. I still can’t believe she spilled her Cheerios all over me.

Comics editor, aka Matt aka FISHER, I’m going to miss you brutally murdering all of my jokes, watching you scan your pages for errors 80 times each week, busting your chops about how no one reads the comics section and yelling your name from the conference room when I find a mistake on your pages. Now that I think about it, you’ve taken an unbelievable number of jokes that the ordinary person couldn’t handle. You’re a great sport and we all love you. God help anybody who wants a job writing about comic books because you’re the best at it. Just one more thing, the next time you’re offered a free trip somewhere, especially L.A. or Seattle, you better take it!

Ed, aka Mister Ed, isn’t it funny how honey ain’t sweet like sugar? Is that a Nike outlet? What beers do you have on draft? Live from Seattle, it’s Saturday Night! Pungent Sound. That’ll suffice. Miss stewardess. These are some of the catchphrases that come to mind when I think of you, by far The Outlook’sbest kept secret until Seattle when you became social. Thankfully, we’ve wisely used the time since then because we’ve had plenty of laughs. Keep writing those great sports stories and don’t let anybody mess with your leads. There are plenty of hash tags that I would use right now, but in the event that Twitter becomes a thing of the past, I don’t want my article to become dated, so oh well. Just remember that money talks…and you.

Nick, I’m still waiting for my contact at The Wall Street Journal. Ugh, the word unreliable comes to mind. Just kidding, everybody knows how hard you work and how seriously you take the newspaper despite your shenanigans. I’m going to have to find somebody else to spear on a regular basis, have a catch with, and slam on the ceiling with when at a party and a good song comes on. By the way, do you have any idea what’s happening on top of Plangere and McAllan? OK, that was a cheap shot.

Jenna, aka tiny, looks like you made the height requirement to be mentioned in my farewell article. Thankfully, I got to know you better after writing for the honors school newsletter when I thought you were just the bossy head editor. You’re pretty cool. Happy to have my approval? Please don’t punch me next time you see me. Anyway, from walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame to running the 5K, I’ll always remember the tiny girl with spunk from The Outlook,even if I can’t see her in a crowd of people who are five feet tall.

Kelly, aka broccoli aka ad girl, I’m convinced that there’s no task that you can’t do. Even though you’re isolated on the other side of the office, you quickly became a part of The Outlook family. I’ll definitely miss our life discussions after I graduate, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be calling you for advice. For the rest of your life, you better think of me whenever you hear “If You’re Gone” by Matchbox Twenty, look at a piece of broccoli or hang that New Jersey Devils ornament on your Christmas tree that I got you for Secret Santa.

Jackie, I’m leaving the news section in your hands, but I’m not worried at all. You’re extremely goal-oriented and driven; if anything, my beloved section will get better with you in charge. My prediction – you’re the next Editor-in-Chief after Brett. There, now it’s in print and you have to do it because you’d be great. Anyway, when you’re in San Francisco next year, be glad that I won’t be there to wake you up in the middle of the night by poking you and reciting random rap lyrics. I know, I know, rude.

Chris Orlando, I always feel the need to call you by your full name. You have single- handedly revived the politics section of the paper in your first semester through an incredible level of care. It’s a shame that you don’t want a career in journalism, but I’m sure you’ll make a great lawyer someday since you know everything. When I visit next year, I expect an article entitled “Going Commando With Chris Orlando” to have either already been printed or at least be in the works. No, you’ll never hear the end of that joke.

Sarah, aka tech girl aka website wonder, I am lost for words at how awesome The Outlook’s new website looks. You definitely earned your nicknames thanks to all of the hard work that you put into this newspaper’s digital future. Many good times this year from you visiting my apartment to the dinners you cooked for me; you’re a great chef. Remember when I stole your coat hook from your apartment? OK, probably better if I don’t go there. Anyway, good luck next year as you pioneer The Outlook’s first full year with an actual website; knowing you, it’ll get better.

Martyna, aka Martyna McBride aka celebrity, it’s too bad that you weren’t in the office as much this year since we had so much fun last year. I don’t know who’s going to walk you to class next year, but I’ll miss doing it. Thanks for waking me up all of those times that I was unconscious on the office couch and blasting that awful music that they call dubstep at an ungodly hour every morning.

Amanda, aka Arem, and Netta, thanks for being such great graduate assistants and catching all of my mistakes before publication. Arem, I’ll always love you no matter how many times you’ve flipped out on me for playing music too loudly and playing wall ball in the office. Netta, thanks for always being the epitome of calm; I can’t believe I’m leaving the University before you.

Sandy and Evelyn, you two really are the office mothers. Sandy, thanks for all of the therapy sessions in your office and slapping sense into me when I needed it most. Evelyn, thanks for always being real and down-toearth. I love hearing you two say that this is the closest staff that you’ve ever seen. Believe me, your favorite cheapskate and hustler wishes that he could stay.

Kevin, aka Indie, Harry, Casey, Lauren and Josh, I’m sure you guys are going to be a big part of The Outlook’sfuture. Kevin, you’re a great copyeditor and I still can’t believe you ran that 5K in jeans. Lauren, you’ve been a great assistant news editor; thanks for all of your help. Lastly, thanks to anybody who has ever written for the news section. It would be nothing without the content that you’ve all contributed.

My Professors

Dr. Novek and Professor Morano, I am forever indebted to you for all that you have taught me. Dr. N, I can’t imagine not knocking on your office door on a regular basis to ask for help on an article or a critique of one that I’ve already written. Thanks for always pushing me to do better, but now it’s time to push myself. Prof, I’ll miss working under you as the advisor of The Outlook; thanks for always pointing me in the right direction whenever I was clueless as to where to start an article. Most of all, thanks for letting the staff take those annual trips to the American Collegiate Press Association’s journalism conferences so I could form some of my best college memories.

anthony-andrew-george-and-danMy Family Outside of Outlook Dan, Andrew and George, I have no idea where to start. Dan, you’ve been a great roommate who’s taught me too much, like at some point you need to man up and spin that…you know the rest. Andrew, I’ll miss your random conversations, but mostly your reliability as a friend who’s always willing to help. That time when you ran around our apartment complex in nothing but boots, boxers and a Santa Claus hat pretty much sums you up. George, all I can say is banana and you know why. The four of us better never lose touch.

To the brothers of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, thanks for showing me a good time. I’m going to miss all of you, anthony-and-yankee-stadiumespecially Vin, J and Mena. Cheers to our freshman days in Spruce Hall’s B-Suite with Talon, Dave and Kyle. I don’t think I’ve ever lost more sleep than when I lived with you guys. What a way to break into college. Jmac, you’ve become one of my best friends since we pledged just one year ago. Here’s to moving into the same retirement community very soon considering our recent aches and pains.

Finishing Touches

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m going to miss this wonderful place that they call Monmouth University. The friends that I’ve made here are invaluable and the memories are priceless. It really is like The Beatles said – “in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”