Wisely Managing Time

Organization is Key to Management

It’s a month into school. You’re taking 15 credits, working, have club obligations, plans with friends, and still have midterms coming up that you haven’t even begun to study for. Sound famil­iar? In a world where everything is done fast and demanded faster, it can be hard to keep up with­out completely losing your mind. However, there are ways to en­sure that you can do it all. You just have to manage properly. It is a hard task, but once it be­comes routine, it makes life a lot easier.

One of the most important things to keep in mind with time management is to know your limits. Do not feel obli­gated to say yes to something just to please someone. If you do not have the time, be upfront and honest about it. It will look worse if you promise to do some­thing then forget or back out at the last minute because there is a conflict. Being overwhelmed by taking on too many projects can make you stressed out, unhappy, or even sick. The University has workshops for some tips and tricks that can be really helpful. Some professors will even give extra credit if you go, so you can learn how to manage time and get a few bonus points in the process.

When it comes to homework, organization is key. I keep a planner with all my homework assignments and plan when I am going to do homework. By sched­uling studying time, you will not feel so overwhelmed during the week. Setting reminders will help out in the long run as well, especially if you have a lot of events going on in a week. One method that works is using dif­ferent colors to block out times and to highlight what is impor­tant. To-do lists can be a big help too. They can help organize your workload and goals. Try keeping one on the fridge or in a note­book. Then, as items get crossed off, treat yourself to a trip to the beach, some TV time, or go out with friends.

Finally, there is the one thing that affects us all: procrastina­tion. It happens to all of us. When there is a pile of books sitting on your desk, it seems so much easier to just leave it for later, but that is the worst thing you can do. If you feel overwhelmed by work, try breaking it up into sec­tions. Say to yourself “I’ll do this much work now, take a break, then come back and finish at this time.” Taking a break in between can help you feel less stressed about getting the assignment done. Just make sure that your break does not last all day. Pro­crastination will only cause more stress by pushing the assignment to the last minute.

Don’t forget that even though you are in school, it is impor­tant to have fun. If you and your friends all have homework to do, plan a study party in the library or in your lounge. If you need help with a subject, your friends can help out while hanging out. That way, you can still social­ize while getting your homework done. If you work better alone, set a block of time to go to the library, or find a quite spot on campus to get your work done. Also, don’t waste anytime. If you are going out with friends, try reading a bit or working on that paper while you wait for them to get ready. That 20 minutes could mean the difference between enjoying time with friends and stressing out all weekend.