Recreate Your Space Over Break with Simple Projects

One’s room is merely a reflection of their personality. Within four walls, you can easily learn what a person’s favorite color is, their fondest memories, musical interests, or heroes. These decorations represent the individual and express their lifestyle in a number of ways. If you are looking to transform your room into a personal safe haven, the following do-it-yourself projects can do the job at an affordable price!

A way to make your space clean and organized without taking away character is to draw attention to the small things. Replace calendars with a personalized chalkboard for under $20. For this task, all you need is a sponge brush, garage tape, chalkboard paint, and a piece of wood. Coat the board once with the chalkboard paint and let it dry for one hour. Then, add a second coat and let it dry for the next 24 hours. After the total 25 hour wait, you can now use it to record important dates and appointments, write your favorite quotes, or use as a place to draw.

Much like chalkboards, magnetic boards are also great for organization. A magnetic board can easily be made by lining a cookie sheet, or a pan, with contact paper. Magnet boards are useful for expendable memos, doto lists, and more.

It can be well assumed that everyone has heard the old age adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” By personalizing your space with pictures, you can consistently be surrounded by everything and everyone you care about.

Junior Lauren Cane said, “I have pictures of my friends and family in my room because I like to look back on the things I did and places I went and memories I made. It is fun to see the smiles we all have on our faces and remember those times.”

Another way to decorate your walls would be by creating original wall signs. Pieces of wood, canvases, and mirrors can be found at an affordable price at any craft and supply store. Use stickers to spell out a symbolic song lyric or quote you enjoy. Another option would be to paint the entirety of the sign using your favorite colors. Once dry, remove the stickers and place the work of art for display.

If you instead want an accent piece to your bed and not your walls, you can use your favorite t-shirts, whether they remind you of your favorite team or even family vacations, these memories can be displayed for everyone to see by creating a t-shirt throw pillow.

Begin by laying the shirt flat on a table. Next, stitch the bottom and armholes closed, while leaving the neck area open for filling. A soft, fiber fill can be used for best results, but other items like foam or old rags can be used as well. Adequately stuff the shirt until plump. Once the neck hole is closed properly, use the pillow to add personality to your bed.

For when it gets dark, opt out of traditional lighting. Gather old mason or pasta jars and apply tape with any design of your choice to the outside. Spray paint the jar and remove tape when dry. Place a flameless, tea light candle inside the jar for safe and creative lighting.

Professor Rupa DasGupta, an adjunct professor of information technology, says, “Being able to make a place your own by being able to decorate it the way you want is important. The way you decorate your own space projects both how you see yourself and how you want to be seen. Coming home to a place that you’ve decorated can be both a source of pride and comfort.”

Decorations have the ability to represent memories, accomplishments, and aspirations. Although every individual’s room is different, the space serves a common purpose of selfexpression, relaxation, and comfort. Decorations can be bought or made, whatever your choice may be, as long as you chose to decorate your space in a way that suits your personality best, your room will come out perfect.