Alumni Association Recognizes Past Alumni’s Children

Two Students Receive One-Year $1,000 Scholarship Annually

The University’s Alumni Association sponsors a one-year $1,000 scholarship for children of the University’s alumni. Established in 1992, the scholarship is given out each year to two students who have a parent that is a Monmouth alumnus.

Marilynn Perry, Director of Alumni Affairs, said, “They [the University] felt it was important to show their appreciation to the alumni for sending their own children to Monmouth.”

“It just says a lot of how these graduates felt about their experience here if they want their kids to come. Then, it must be a pretty great place,” Perry added.

According to Perry, the Alumni Association wanted to show their gratitude to those parents by giving them money towards their child’s tuition. But the Association doesn’t have unlimited funds- they figured they could come up with $1,000 yearly to award to a student.

Once the Association was able to get a little more money, they decided they could do two scholarships and can now start to look at incoming students as well.

According to Perry, a student can only receive this scholarship once and the scholarship is for undergraduates only.

Stephanie Cunha, senior double major in English and early childhood education, said that after graduating and starting a family she would think about sending her child to Monmouth. “It’s a great university with amazing professors,” Cunha said.

Perry explained that in an effort to spread the word they placed an advertisement in the The Outlook, applications were placed in offices around campus, and e-mails were sent to the students. The Public Relations Office wrote a press release for local newspapers and local high school guidance counselors were given applications for incoming students.

“Information is included in the newsletter we send to alumni,” Elizabeth Esten, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs, said.

The number of applications received always fluctuates. “We can have as many as 40 or as little as 15, it just depends on the need,” Perry said.

Along with the application, transcripts and an essay have to be included. “The students need to show us what kinds of activities they’ve been involved with in either high school or college,” added Perry. The applications are due June 30.

In July, the selection committee meets to review all of the applications and select the award winner. The information can then be given to the Financial Aid Office and sent out to the students.

“It’s a great way to encourage new students to come and continue a legacy at their parent’s university,” said Cunha.

Perry said, “We’re still sort of a young school, so it’s such a nice tradition in a family to come to the same school.”

Esten said that at last year’s reunion, there was a father and daughter in attendance that both graduated from Monmouth.

Since the school is getting older, the Association may have to start looking at grandparent relations as well. “Up until recently, we didn’t have that length in time that the school has been in existence. That’s what the Ivys do, they have family connections going back generations. That’s a nice thing to aspire to,” Perry added.

One of the recent scholarship recipients has two parents who graduated from the University. According to Esten, the parents actually met at the University.

“It’s a nice gesture for the Alumni Association to recognize that legacy and encourage that continuity within a family,” said Perry. She takes pleasure in meeting young alumni whose parent or parents went to Monmouth.

“You get to know the alumni and you enjoy them so much and then their kids come. It’s great,” Esten said.

The University Alumni Association’s mission is to serve and promote the University and its alumni in a manner that enriches the lives of its members and the quality of the institution.

The University encourages alumni to continue their relationship with the University. Alumni can stay connected by signing up at

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