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Senior Week Festivities to Commence on May 2

The Class of 2023 is gearing up for Senior Week, a week filled with activities and events graduating seniors can attend for free or at a discounted rate. Tickets for Senior Week, which runs from Tuesday, May 2 to Monday, May 8, are on sale until Friday, April 14, or until they sell out.

The week’s events include a Hudson River Dinner Cruise, Winery Tasting & Tour, Senior Reception, and Senior Sunrise. Each event — including a mystery event that will be revealed via the Senior Class’ Instagram — require pre-registration by visiting the Senior Class page on the University website. Each event was chosen based on what previous classes have hosted, as well as the current class’ interests.

According to Amy Bellina, advisor to the senior class and Director of Student Life Logistics and Student Center Operations, class officers typically send out a survey to help gauge students’ interests. “While this year’s officers did send out a survey to consolidate interest and ideas, some events listed are ones that have been very popular in the past and seem to have become their own traditions, such as the Senior Cruise and the Senior Reception,” she explained.

The Winery Tasting & Tour and the Bar Anticipation BBQ are products of this survey, costing students a small cover charge for participation. For instance, the Bar Anticipation BBQ will charge students $20 for an all-you-can-eat barbecue at Bar A that runs from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Students can access shuttles from the Student Center parking lot.

The Winery Tasting & Tour will include wine tasting and pizza from Pitruco Food Truck as students tour the Cream Ridge Winery for $15. Both events require participants to be 21 years old.

According to class officers, it was important to also host no-cover charge events. Elisa Ramos, senior class Vice President, explained, “We also made sure to have a variety of free events so that everyone has the ability to celebrate the end of their four years.” The Life After College Bingo is a free event on Thursday, May 6, enabling seniors to win Monmouth merchandise and gift cards, in addition to other items they can use for life after Monmouth.

Likewise, the Senior Reception, a traditional aspect of Senior Week, is a free semi-formal cocktail reception in Erlanger Garden hosted by President Leahy. Participants over 21 will receive two complimentary drink tickets in addition to the light refreshments provided. Culminating the week is the Senior Sunrise at the University Bluffs, where seniors can commemorate their time together at Monmouth with refreshments from Doughnut Evolution food truck.

Senior Week is not just about the events happening on and around campus, but it also serves as an opportunity for graduating seniors to make final memories as a class. “Senior Week gives everyone a chance to experience this fun and memorable time together. These events are a way to celebrate our last few days at Monmouth as a class and make some amazing memories,” continued Ramos.

She added, “No matter if you are entering Monmouth or leaving, you should take every opportunity Monmouth gives or makes available. These events are opportunities to make unforgettable memories at Monmouth with friends and the class.”

Though Senior Week is still over a month away, Ramos hopes that the week will serve as a culmination point for all the seniors’ hard work over the past four years. “I hope that seniors take the fun opportunities to be a part of the celebration. We have all had a crazy four years here at Monmouth. We’ve gone through COVID regulations and the lockdown, and yet we still made it to graduation. I want seniors to celebrate the hard work they’ve put in and relax, have fun, and make memories with friends. There may not be another opportunity like this.”