Fight For the CURE with COREiculum in COREientation

COREiculum will be holding its CORE for a CURE COREientation DVD set release party collaborated with Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) for breast cancer research and education on March 27 in the Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC). At the release party, celebrating the official release on March 25, students and staff can take demo COREses at two separate sessions.

At the “First Period” session, doors will open at 5:00 pm and will include a demo class at 5:30 pm and another at 6:00 pm. For the “Second Period” session, doors will open at 7:30 pm and will include a demo class at 8:00 pm and another at 8:30 pm.

Demo COREses will be offered free of charge. Some of these demo COREses available will be plyometrics, kickboxing and cardio dance. Also at the event, there will be fitness competitions, tips presented for a healthier diet, gift giveaways to local businesses, and a healthy bake sale.

An undetermined portion of the revenue will go to breast cancer research and education, the philanthropy of ZTA. Andrew Stern, University graduate and creator of COREiculum, proposed an idea of collaboration to Carly Swanson, sophomore communication major and Director of Philanthropy for ZTA. She said that she has been working with Katelyn Walsh, junior business major and ZTA sister, to help with the business aspect as they work to expand the event and promote by spreading the word.

At COREientation, ZTA will be hosting the Fittest on Campus Competition where males and females will compete in push-ups, burpees or a squat challenge.

Swanson said that the reason ZTA chose to collaborate was because “with the power of another organization on campus involved, we can hopefully bring more students and faculty out to the event, raise more money and overall have an amazing turnout and a great time. We would never pass up this opportunity.”

She also mentioned that many ZTA sisters have participated in COREiculum workout sessions and they are excited to expand the program for COREientation.

The amount of prizes that will be given out is also undetermined at this time, but prizes have been rolling in steadily and will be collected until March 25. Prizes will be given out to “enthusiastic and hard-working students,” said Stern, because “students deserve to be rewarded for ‘class participation.’”

Stern said that during his years on campus, he has seen many clubs and organizations fundraise for philanthropies by selling bracelets or holding bake sales, but COREientation is a new way for them to raise funds. He considers COREientation to be a “fit-fest that will be fun, interactive, and provide students with a chance to try one of the hottest new fitness programs, all while giving back to their organization.”

Once COREientation at the University kicks off, Stern plans on extending COREientation to other campuses in the tri-state area to team up with other organizations to raise money for more causes. Currently, he plans on visiting Rowan University and Montclair State University in early April.

The COREiculum website, www., will feature daily blogs fit into categories such as Ask the Class, where students can email issues they are dealing with such as “How do I lose my love handles?” and a COREiculum Classmate will respond to them. COREiculum does not see itself as “simply a classmate, but an advisor, too,” said Stern.

Swanson said, “I think COREiculum is a genius idea and a great way to keep college students in shape. I love the motto of ‘Where the Freshman 15 is an Elective.’ It is a fun, beneficial experience to bring to the University, and I can’t wait to see it expand and become more popular after this event.”

Students and staff can follow COREiculum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.