Spending Spring Break at Home

Ways to Spend the Week For Those Not Traveling

Spring-Break“What are you doing for your spring break?” has been the most popular question in my classes I have heard over the past few weeks. As usual, there are the general responses of going to Florida, cruises, skiing, and, of course, visiting grandma and grandpa for the week.

However, among those exciting plans I heard in a surprisingly dreadful tone: “You guys are so lucky. I’m just going to be stuck at home again this year,” from one of my female peers.

Like several of my other classmates, I will also be spending my Spring Break this year homebound in North Jersey. While it would be nice to travel some place warm and sunny with consistent weather, I can attest that as a college student, my budget is currently kept on a tight leash making travel a low priority for now.

Still, to those of you who are staying home, you can still have just as much fun with a well-planned “Stay-cation” this year. You just have to see for yourself instead of moping around on Facebook looking at everybody else having fun.

If you are looking to do something fun over the break, try planning a day trip somewhere. As long as you have some type of transportation and an open mind, you can go anywhere and have a great time. It could be going to a museum in the city, the beach, or simply having a day in the park with your friends.

Something as simple as going out to dinner and a movie with friends can be a great way to shake your stay home blues, and if you are short on cash, have dinner and a movie at your house.

This is a great way to try those new recipes you have on your Pintrest board you have been waiting to try, and show off your wicked cooking skills to all your friends.

However, I know that, like myself, several of my friends from home are on different Spring Break schedules. If this happens to be the case, try to meet someone new, or invite a friend from Monmouth to come hang out with you.

Also, if there are volunteer groups, go and help out your community for a day. It will be a breath of fresh air, and will get you some major karma points.

Seeing as you have a whole week off with no classes, practice, or extracurriculars, use this time for yourself. Catch up on that book that you have been trying to read since the beginning of the semester, organize your room, or have some quiet time to yourself.

Experiment with hobbies too, or try at least one new thing that you did not have time for while school has been in session. I know that over break I will probably be trying to make some sort of plan to work on some creative writing that has been on the back burner since January.

If none of these ideas have you packing your bags to rush home, you can always use the week to get ahead.

Whether it is fixing up your resume, finising a paper due at the end of the semester, or simply doing some reading, doing work in a relaxed atmosphere can help you get the bulk of your work done.

Plan ahead what you want to get done, and treat yourself when you accomplish the goal. This will be a huge benefit later when the end of the semester arrives and almost everyone is buried in work. You can then have a bit of breathing room to enjoy the spring weather, and it is a fun way to give yourself an excuse to spoil yourself.

These are only a few of the multiple ways that you can have fun on a “stay-cation.” Just because you are at home does not mean it will be a bad time. It will only seem that way if you have that type of attitude about it.

So whether you are traveling to Florida, or down the street, I think we can agree on one thing: Spring Break can’t come soon enough.

IMAGE TAKEN from pcbeach.com