Have a Productive Spring Break ‘Stay’cation

This is for whoever is not go­ing to a beautiful tropical island for spring break. Hello to all staycation-ers! Even with all of this snow, we are going to take back our spring break! Spring break is when all of us get a taste of warmth (but with this weather who knows). The hints of summer are fast approaching, so close, and yet so, so far away.

But who said that you need to travel to a tropical island or beach to enjoy spring break?

For anyone who is keeping their spring break local, here are some great tips to enjoy your staycation. Your spring break will definitely start to heat up even at home.

In order to get out of any stay­cation slump, you need to get off your couch-potato bums! What was that you say? You like to shake your bum? Well, here is just the thing for you!

Taking some zumba classes are great to do over your staycation for two reasons. One reason is so you can stop watching re-runs of “Toddlers and Tiaras”, eating Nutella and actually move. Sec­ond, there are discounts. Oh yeah, I’m talking coupons.

Livingsocial.com is great for finding deals on anything under the sun. Right now they are adver­tising 40-70 percent off local fit­ness deals in your area. They have deals from zumba, to yoga, and yes, even something called Bad Ass Fitness. So for anyone that is looking to get in shape to start looking good for the summer, sign up on livingsocial.com and get discounts on some of your favorite or new favorite fitness classes.

Now wait, wait, a second. Don’t run off your couch just yet. There’s more.

If you’re not into the whole “Bad Ass Fitness routine”, and if this weather decides to stop being cold and provide us with some sun, throwing a party may definitely be the cure for any staycation blues.

Throwing a pool-side party is a great way to kick off the spring season. Invite family and friends over for a BBQ, music, mocktails (unless you’re of age), games, and pool-side fun. And for anyone that doesn’t actually own a pool, invest in a Nerf water gun, you’ll be glad you did.

You can even make it a themed party if you’d like. Bring out the leis and the Hawaiian Punch! Even if the weather doesn’t grant you the sunny warmth you are looking for, bring the warmth and fun inside to keep the spirit of spring in play.

Another way to get involved during your staycation is to help out around your area. By logging onto to volunteermatch.com, you can be matched with perfect vol­unteer opportunities that are just for you! With all of the wide range scale of volunteer opportunities, you’ll be sure to be busy during your staycation. At the end of the day, no matter how small the ser­vice, it definitely provides a very big impact to your community.

Some of you are fiddling with your wallets, seeing nothing but the interior. Being a broke college student is not the ideal for spring break, especially if you’re staying home. But have no fear, summer applications are here! Start to take out your pens and information, because now is the time to make sure you will be making money over the summer.

Spring break is a prime time to start applying for jobs and intern­ships for the summer season. You can update your resume, personal website, portfolio, and anything else you need to apply for jobs and internships.

Students on campus are doing a wide range of things throughout their spring breaks to keep them­selves busy.

Olivia Caruso, sophomore, will be taking a more crafty approach to her spring break this year.

“I’ll be doing crafting for my sorority,” said Caruso. “I get to take some time away from school work, and put all my energy into my artistic side.”

Students are definitely looking forward to relaxing when they come home for their spring break.

Raquel Warehime, sophomore, is looking forward to coming home and getting away from the stresses of schoolwork. “It’s nice to just come back home and see your friends and family, and to just relax,” Warehime said.

Getting away from the stresses of college can be cured by a week of just relaxing.

But sometimes, there is also a call for celebration.

Peter Ireland, sophomore, will be celebrating his 20th birthday on the very first day of the Univer­sity’s spring break.

“I will be getting my first tattoo that really means a lot to me,” said Ireland, “it stands for my four best friends that died in a car accident in 2011, and I’m so excited to fi­nally have it done.”

So who said that you need to travel the world and get a tan in order to have a great spring break? Whether you actually are vaca­tioning to a tropical hot spot or staycationing and throwing your own kiddie poolside tropical par­ty, spring break will be what you make of it.

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