On Campus Living vs. Off Campus Living

Many college students cooped up in dorm rooms are ready to escape to luxurious off campus living, and some of upperclassman living off campus are just wishing they could go back to their freshman dorm that they once called home.

 I guess sometimes we want what we don’t have, but it isn’t until one experiences it themselves that we learn what works for us. As with anything, there are both pros and cons from dining hall food to your very own privacy when living on and off campus.

One thing to know when moving off campus is that there are a bunch of separate costs that must be taken into consideration when trying to find housing that works for your budget.

My monthly rent does not include utilities; so cable, internet, electric, gas, and water is paid for separately. If you have to do your own landscaping and snow removal then that is another chunk of change to be handed over.

When living off campus, commuting can be such an inconvenience, and that is what I found to be a huge positive about living on campus. Living on campus allows students to avoid the massive struggle of finding a parking spot and getting to class on time.

Mounds amounts of gas money are also not spent on a weekly basis when living on campus.         

Living on campus is very convenient for those of you who enjoy getting those last minutes of shut eye and rolling out of bed just minutes before that sprint to class.

When living on campus there are many other things at your convenience. If you are trying to avoid the freshman fifteen like the plague, or just trying to stay fit, Boylan gym is only a quick walk away.

Also a little secret for those living on campus, so you don’t find out as late as I did; The Hawks Den is a gym in Oakwood open late for all you night owls. It makes it pretty convenient to go to the gym when it’s on the residential side of campus, especially at late hours.

I was not crazy about the food at the dining hall, (besides for the mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers,) but I can’t deny the fact that it was a social experience after every time Diamond scanned my meal card. Moving off campus made me realize how dull my social experiences were on campus when having my home cooked meals.

Yet, the food was better so I guess you give and you take. For those of you that easily burn Easy Mac, cooking for yourself may turn out to be more difficult than expected when living on your own.

Living in the dorm leads to less responsibility. I think there is a reason that we as students start out on campus, and as we get older we move off. Not everyone is prepared for the responsibility of maintaining a home, and respecting others space.

Personally, moving off campus gave me a sense of responsibility, but that does not go for all people.

Once you have a common living space with multiple people you begin to learn how they live, and sometimes that means learning how to live with multiple people’s routines and personalities.

Let’s just say that when living in a dorm with one other roommate, my biggest worry was taking the trash out under my desk once a week.

 I have lived on and off campus, and from my experiences both are different and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Living on campus is nice because you’re so close to all of your friends and everything else on campus, but living off campus has a totally different feel of responsibility, and freedom.

In my opinion, stay on campus for at least a couple years, and enjoy the little responsibilities that you have to deal with, because once you move off campus the bigger responsibilities set in.