What’s With The New iPhone Update?

The new iOS7 is a trippy update with florescent new features but maybe bringing in the new is not for everyone. It’s seems to be all the talk around campus whether you’ve updated your iPhone or not. Some people don’t want to update because they don’t like the new features, but others don’t want to update because they don’t like change. Come on now, it’s just a phone update.

Like everything in life, change takes some getting used to, but I don’t think this change is necessarily a bad one; I think it’s actually pretty cool. Then again my phone did not crash and it did update fairly quickly.

The iOS7 has a lot of beneficial touches to offer all of us. The update seems very futuristic because everything opens and closes right in front of your eyes.

There are some very cool tools when it comes to the new update; for example it gives you the option to tap out your very own custom vibration patterns for text messages. You can get to your calendar, flashlight, alarm, calculator, camera screen and adjust your brightness all without unlocking your phone.

There are a bunch of new ringtones, even the option to block numbers from texting and calling you for all of you who are still annoyed by that certain someone.

The camera updates are pretty cool too. It’s nice that your albums are separated into panoramas and videos. Rather than having to search through your whole album to find them individually, they are now conveniently grouped together.

 If you hold down the camera button it takes multiple pictures which is convenient for action shots. There are also filters for photos at your disposal, they may not be the best, but there’s an app for that.

I also like how the iOS7 is more personalized; displaying photos next to each contact gives a point to assigning a photo to a contact, now you see that picture more frequently than just when making a phone call.

Your phone will now wish you a happy birthday and send you traffic updates in the morning if you assign it to. Some would say that’s too personal, but then again you’re the one that has the ability to set your phone up that way.

If you have taken the leap of faith to change over, I hope your enjoying all the new surprises as much as I am. And if you are afraid to make that change, just remember it is just a phone update.

Make sure not to update all of your apps yet, just to delay the shock factor. The nice thing about the iOS7 is that once you get over the initial shock of change, you will realize that the new and improved features on this phone update were created to make your life easier.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jacklyn Kouefati