Is The Need for Coffee Really Necessary?

For many of us, coffee is the single most motivating thing that gets us up in the morning. We’re all more than familiar with the feelings of increased alertness and motivation that follow a cup of joe.

That is because caffeine is the most common psychoactive drug found in the market today. The biochemical structure of caffeine is similar to that of adenosine, a substance that is naturally found within our bodies. Adenosine binds to the receptor cells in our brain that make us feel relaxed, calm and even sleepy (on particularly rainy days).

However, because caffeine’s chemical structure resembles that of adenosine, it can successfully bind to the adenosine-specific receptors in the brain and thus stop adenosine from binding to those receptors. It also promotes the release of calcium ions from the nerves, resulting in the increased feeling of alertness.

Contrary to common perception, caffeine itself does not actually have special properties that cause the brain to feel more alert; rather, it just blocks from making us feel drowsy.

Moreover, caffeine has numerous other benefits. It has been recently found that caffeine improves memory. I’m sure many of us have personal experience with this property of caffeine, especially during finals week.

When mixed with carbohydrates, it also replenishes glycogen concentrations. Caffeine detoxes the liver very well. Research shows that caffeine is a better alternative when a person needs to stay alert for a long drive, as opposed to taking a short nap. The drug also helps in preventing the Alzheimer’s disease and skin cancer. No wonder the University community loves caffeine!

While we all inevitably rely on caffeine as a daily source of motivation, coffee is the most popular caffeinated drink amongst college students. Changing seasons cause a subtle change in the temperatures, how we feel, as well as our coffee flavors.

There are certainly particular flavors of coffee that are more popular and only offered during certain times of the year. Throughout the previous week, I went around the University campus asking their favorite coffee flavor in the fall.

The two favorite coffee flavors for the fall season are: pumpkin and hazelnut. You can try these flavors at many other places besides the University campus. West Long Branch has some wonderful coffee shops that offer these flavors. Don’t miss this opportunity to try the two most favorite flavors of the fall season.

In case you’re looking for which place to go to try the fun fall flavors, here’s a few just a few: the beloved Dunkin Donuts, which has a delicious hot or iced pumpkin spiced coffee offered for a limited time, as well as hazelnut which is offered all year round. Starbucks offers hazelnut cream, decaf hazelnut cream, regular hazelnut, and pumpkin spice. I have actually heard from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts junkies that 7-Eleven offers one of the best pumpkin spiced coffees.

If you’re a K-cup fanatic such as myself, you can also make your favorite flavored coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen.

As any of these companies’ K-cups not only sell the two most popular flavors, but a wide array of coffee flavors as well. Many of these franchises also sell K-cups online for a discounted price. With that in mind, enjoy your caffeinated drinks, Monmouth.