Sprucing Up For Spring

Tips and Tricks to Get Yourself in the Mood for the New Season

Spring has officially sprung, but have you transitioned from winter? With cooler temperatures and constant reminders of the past season, it may be difficult to get yourself out of that winter slump.  But, if you try these simple tricks, you may find yourself revitalized and ready for sunshine and a new beginning.

Get a fresh start. No one likes cleaning while they’re in the middle of scouring and scrubbing, but who doesn’t like the end result? Although it may not seem like a fun activity, spring cleaning will help you feel refreshed. The winter may have brought clutter and stuffiness to your room or dorm, but sprucing it up will help make it feel more open and airy.

Dust off surfaces, vacuum rugs and get rid of any old papers and junk you may have laying around. When you’re finished with the dirty work, open your windows and let the fresh spring air enter your space. Light a floral scented candle or spray a citrus air freshener to create even more purity.

Revamp your closet. Before you hit the mall, check out what you have hiding on hangers and in bins. Go through your winter wardrobe and see what you want to save for next year. If there are items you haven’t worn in a while, pile them up and give them to charity. You’ll feel good about making a donation and have more room in your closet for fresh spring apparel.

Hit the mall. Engaging in retail therapy is sure to make you feel rejuvenated. Spending a day shopping with friends will allow you to search for the season’s newest trends while having quality time with your shopping buddies. Make a day out of trying on clothes, scoping out shoes and having lunch. This activity will take away your stress and ensure that you’ll be in style for spring.

Revisit your New Year’s resolutions. You may have gotten sidetracked from your goals when the stresses of school and life got in the way. Spring is the perfect time to have a renewal, so remind yourself of what you’d like to accomplish this season.

Whether it is eating healthier or exercising more, try to make time in your busy schedule for yourself. This will only help you to feel better because accomplishing goals is extremely rewarding. Plus, you’ll be happy when you hit the beach in the summer knowing you worked hard to improve yourself.

A junior chemistry major Sabrina Alfassa said, “I’m starting off the season by throwing away all the junk food in my fridge. I also want to create a vision board to help motivate myself to get in shape for the summer.”

Manage your money. Spring may tempt you to spend your earnings way too quickly, whether it be on a new bathing suit collection or happy hour at the bar. When the weather gets warmer, we tend to reach into our pockets in order to enjoy ourselves. Have fun, but use your cash wisely.

Start saving a small amount from every paycheck or eat in more frequently instead of taking out as often. When you see your bank account grow, you’ll be happy that you spared yourself that drink or expensive dinner. Plus, you’ll have more money to spend when summertime rolls around, which is essential for hitting the beach or purchasing concert tickets.

Spend more time outdoors. You were probably cooped up in the house all winter, so why would you want to spend any more time inside? When the weather allows, get outside as often as you can. Do your homework on the quad or go for a run around the neighborhood. The warm air will make you feel refreshed and excited for the warmer weather ahead. With the beach less than a mile away from campus, there is always a spot to relax and unwind.

A junior education major Brianna Mahoney is looking forward to spending more time outside. She said, “I can’t wait for the nicer weather so I can run outdoors. Running near the beach will remind me that I will be wearing a bikini soon, and this will make me want to run faster!”

Take up a new hobby. You may not have much time away from school and work to engage in leisure activities, but it is important to spend time doing something that interests you.

Whether it is crafting, growing plants, signing up for a yoga class, or trying out a new sport, there is bound to be something you want to try. Exploring a new pastime will allow you to discover your hidden talents, which can be extremely beneficial for your future. Plus, it might lead you to create or accomplish something you thought you never could. Spring is the perfect time to make new beginnings, so take the opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone.

Winter is officially behind us, which means there is warmer weather and a fresh start to look forward to. You may find yourself still in a wintertime funk, but there are plenty of things to do in order to get yourself back on track.

By utilizing these tips, you’ll find yourself ready for the new beginning that lies ahead.

PHOTO COURTESY of Jessica Dayton