Fall DIY Project

Fall DIY Projects

Do it yourself (DIY) projects are a creative way to recycle items and very cute decorations for your home or dorm. DIY projects are perfect for college students that are low on funds. Rather than splurging on fall decor in HomeGoods, you can craft many of the decorative items that you are sold in stores. Below I’ve listed some examples of DIY projects for the fall since the season is right around the corner.

Shannon Hokanson, a communication professor, commented, “I never have really done a fall DIY project, but I would love to try doing one. I’ve always wished I was more artsy, so this could be the first step to achieving that goal!”

1. Mason jar candleholder: Mason jars are an easy way to add an artistic element to everyday items. To make a candle holder, place your favorite scented candle in a jar and illuminate your space!

What you’ll need: a mason jar, a small candle, and small pebbles. 

Step 1: Put small pebbles in mason jar

Step 2: Put the small candle in the mason jar

2. Burlap wreath: These wreaths are super easy to make and add a cozy, autumn feel to a room.

What you’ll need: One 12 inch styrofoam wreath, push pins, about 3/4 yard of burlap, flower appliqués.

Step 1: Cut burlap into 4X4 inch squares

Step 2: Fold burlap squares to connect to two opposite sides

Step 3: Pin burlap pieces to wreath and make sure you fold them so they’re puffy

Step 4: Lastly, it is time to add flowers and hang up your wreath.

Sam Albinson, a sophomore nursing student said, “I came across the burlap wreaths on Pinterest and I’m so excited to make one and can’t wait to hang it up on my dorm room door!”

3. Leaf Card Art: Fall means leaves changing colors, so why not make greeting cards that reflect the season?

What you’ll need: Construction paper, leaf (particularly yellow, orange, and red)

Step 1: Fold construction paper in half

Step 2: Glue leaf to outside of card

Step 3: Write a nice message on the inside and give the card to a friend or family member

4. Squash vase: using squash is an innovative way to create a vase for some beautiful flowers.

What you’ll need: real/fake flowers, soil and/or rocks,  and squash.

Step 1: Cut a hole in the squash big enough to accommodate flowers

Step 2: Put soil and/or rocks in squash

Step 3: Plant the flowers in the squash

Shenin Siddiqui, a sophomore biology student, said, “The squash vases are such a cute idea. They’re perfect for a Thanksgiving decoration!”

5. Monogrammed pumpkins:

Personalize pumpkins with the first letter of your name; it is easy to do and adorable.

What you’ll need: Pumpkin, carving tool, small candle

Step 1: Make a hole at the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the inside

Step 2: Carve out your monogram on the front of the pumpkin

Step 3: Put a small candle inside your pumpkin and place it in front of your house, or in your dorm

These are only a few suggestions but there are plenty of  DIY projects you can experiment with for this autumn. Pinterest is an excellent resource to find projects that are similar to the ones that I have suggested.

Junior economics student John Cooney added, “Even though it’s autumn, don’t let your dreams fall!” Making these cute DIY crafts are simple and doable, so just go for it, and try them out. Embracing your creativity with these DIY projects will allow you to alleviate stress and make something beautiful.

IMAGE TAKEN from www.pinterest.com