Surf Conditions for Upcoming Week

With the new school year knocking on our door, the time comes to wave goodbye to the soft sand, warm summer breeze and ocean scent. While the lives of most college students will change drastically, those who attend the University will endure new levels of stress trying to balance beach time and academics. For surfers this means early sessions before that 8:30 am class or catching the last sliver of sunlight after a 4:30 pm course.

Surfers at the University are coming into this semester after some of the best waves a summer has yet to offer. Historically, summer is a time of long, sand-filled days, late, warm nights and an absence of surf. Many people assume the opposite, after movies like “Endless Summer” have glorified surfing in the summer time.

Contrary to popular belief, the real surf season starts when the hot summer ends and the leaves begin to fall. With anticipation building from last swell, the beginning of the fall season is one of the most exciting times for a surfer. With hurricane season at its absolute height, every surfer is frothing for that next paddle out, that next wave, and that sweet satisfaction.

I was able to catch up with my good friend Tyler Sankey when I got back to campus on move-in day. Our first topic of conversation: Hurricane Cristobal. Little Cristobal was born right off the coast of Africa and started out as a strong tropical wave. Cristobal began to work its way north toward our great country.

On its way up it gained more power and on August 24, the system was named Tropical Storm Cristobal. As Cristobal sustained its Atlantic coast track it strengthened to a category one hurricane as it went up the American east coast.

Sankey was able to surf in Ocean City, NJ when the storm moved past our region.

“Down in South Jersey, Cristobal gave us big solid swell,” Sankey said. “Everyone was out for hours all day and overall it was one of the better days to surf this summer.” In his recollection, all the surfers of the area knew the storm was heading for them.

Sankey also added, “The surf this summer has been much better than in the past. I’m looking forward to a fun fall and winter.”

As a surfing community, we always look forward to what is next and how we can attain the same high that was reached in a prior session. For this week, MU surfers should be ready for some fun waves early on. A small bump in the forecast is slowly turning into what could be a very memorable fall swell. The forecast begins to rise on Monday afternoon and should peak at around 10 am on Tuesday with shoulder to head high waves and a ripping Northeast wind.

The swell should hang around for a day or two and give us waves on Wednesday as well. The wind should start to calm down Tuesday afternoon, which will clean up the choppy water for a sweet Wednesday session.

Although, the swell will be at its maximum height on Tuesday, the best day right now is looking like Wednesday, preferably in the morning.

If the wind dies down even a little bit, everyone could benefit by scoring some incredible fun waves in the beginning of this week.

Remember, always surf with a buddy, get your homework done, and get stoked about being at a school right on the beach.