Balancing College Fashion of How to Remain Cute While Cozy

In a professional setting such as a summer business job, we dress to impress, but the fashion stereotype for college students tends to be lazy-wear. This, on the other hand, tends not to impress. Walking around campus you see many students wearing sweat pants and sweatshirts and while this is a completely acceptable style for college students, it is also admirable to dress fashionably.

Transitioning from that summer business job to college can be difficult because you were so accustomed to waking up every day and putting together a sophisticated outfit. Now, you are back in the college groove where the majority of students are dressed in extremely casual attire. So, you struggle between looking sophisticated and fitting in with the majority of college students.

Especially for girls, there seems to be a constant battle between throwing on a pair of your favorite sweats or dressing up for class. Yes, the first option might be easy, but it is not much harder to put together a neat outfit for the day.

Hailey Omiunu, a sophomore biology major, knows how this feels. “Some people love to put effort into how they look everyday and some people don’t, everyone is different,” said Omiunu.

“Personally I have days where sweatpants and a t-shirt are my best friend, and I feel great. But I tend to have more days where I really want to look nice, so I dress up and I feel even better. Everyone has their own style and should embrace it,” continued Omiunu.

When searching for comfy, yet chic clothes it can be hard to find clothing that fits both those criteria. There are many outfits that can be trendy and comfy, you just have to look for them. Jenn Urmston, a biology MEBP major, offers some insight, “The biggest secret for girls is either leggings or sundresses. With leggings, you can throw on a cute top, be comfy, and look well-dressed all at the same time. The same goes for dresses; it really looks like you tried, but in reality it’s just us girls being lazy.”

Like Urmston said, a pair of leggings could be paired with a long, flowy top or cozy cardigan with a camisole underneath to create a chic look while being comfortable at the same time. Jeans can also have a relaxed feel when paired with a simple t-shirt, quarter zip fleece, and a pair of stylish flats. It is best to stick to one color palette and simple textures, so that choosing your outfit becomes much easier, especially if you are in that lazy mood. It allows you to add fun accessories, such as a scarf with a pop of color or sparkle to turn your look from drab to fab.

Besides clothing, jewelry can also be used to spruce up your outfit, if desired. Bangles, especially Alex and Ani bracelets are trending right now, so a few of those paired with bold dangly earrings can really spice up your outfit.

Charming Charlie is a popular accessory store, with reasonable prices, where you can find almost any color or style jewelry, handbags, scarves, and even shoes! This store can really put some life into your everyday wardrobe.

All of this might seem like a lot of work, but once you have the equipment you can turn your daily outfits from cozy to cute with little effort. According to Stephanie Lynch, a specialist physician assistant professor, “On days when I have to put more effort into my appearance, I feel more confident about myself and more prepared for the day. Getting up, showering, and getting ready for the day makes me have a positive and confident outlook on education and my career.”

Interestingly enough, dressing presentable for class can make an impact on your performance. According to Stacia Pierce, a life coach and Huffington Post blogger, dressing for success is important for business because a put-together appearance is associated with hard work.

So next time you are picking out what to wear for the day, think of this: when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good.