Surfers: You are Among Friends at Monmouth

Fall break allowed students across campus to take a breather from schoolwork and return home for a long weekend.  Monmouth mothers rejoiced to see their loved ones at home under their wing once more, eating home-cooked meals and partaking in family bonding activities.  Mothers of student surfers were distraught however, as their children paddled into heaping, over-head waves this past weekend.  Although it was not ideal that students had to leave MU right before a big swell, it did not stop surfers from attaining a few highly sought after hurricane barrels.

Over the weekend, Hurricane Gonzalo distributed waves all along the east coast.  Friday and Saturday were two days that surfers would be bummed to miss.  Freshman Paul Kelly had some fun over the weekend, and the consensus was that Saturday was the day.

“I saw the swell was coming from the beginning of the week and knew I had fall break. I was excited and a bit skeptical about being home for a groundswell because my home break does not usually hold them well,” Kelly said. “I woke up Friday morning and knew it was going to be a great weekend of waves when I paddled out into chest to head high clean conditions, and the swell hadn’t even kicked in yet. I woke up early Saturday morning and checked. It was 2-3 feet over head, I sprinted back to my house, got my suit and board, paddled out and shared crazy barrels with some of my best friends from home.”

To see more than what you were expecting is truly an amazing site as a surfer.  Nothing is better than the moment you realize you might have one of the best sessions of your life.  That combination of fear and excitement is one that cannot be replicated by any drug or drink.

The amount of people who seek that adrenaline rush, and those that share the love of surfing enough to achieve that rush are two different groups of individuals.  Anyone can talk about wanting to surf and scoring perfect waves, yet none other than that individual can know whether or not they emulate that determination.

In our area, and across the Jersey shore lies a rich surf culture; full of cold-water enthusiasts and trained minds that handle brain freeze like no other.  If it is at all possible, surfers will connect.  There is nothing better than having best friends in the water with you.  To push you, to train you, and in some cases, to watch over you.  Our school is no exception.  Many students come to this University because they are people of the water who thoroughly enjoy the surrounding area of Long Branch.  With so many people like this at MU, sophomore Tyler Sankey has begun the process of starting a Surf Club on campus.

“The surf club is almost complete. We will start out as an interest group until we get a bunch of people who wanna join, and then we will turn into a club.  Hopefully, within the next few years this will turn into a team that competes against schools up and down the coast,” said Sankey. “It is open to anyone who is interested in the sport and has their own equipment. Photographers are also welcome. Basically anyone with an interest in surfing can join. We will hold meetings, surf sessions, and beach clean ups.”

As interest is growing and the surf club is starting out, it is imperative that students interested approach Tyler Sankey.  This club could be an amazing opportunity to continue doing what you love to do, while also finding people who share your interests.

Formal or not, there will always be a bond between surfers in a given community.  Do not doubt the fact that there is someone out there right now waiting for an invitation to go to the beach.  Whether you are checking new spots, going down to hangout or paddling out there, remember, you are among friends at Monmouth University.