What Would You Do…

If only every problem in the world could be fixed with the snap of a finger. It would be wonderful if issues could be resolved by a simple conversation, but that is sadly not a strategy for everything. Most problems in the world cannot be fixed at all, due to conflicting opinions and scenarios that are out of people’s control. But what if it was possible to have our wildest dreams come true?

This world has been tragically dominated by disease. Everywhere you go you meet someone who has or had dealt with terrible diseases like cancer, or you see news on Ebola flashing on your television screen every hour. If I could fix the world in five minutes, I would rid the world of all disease. Illness has tragically taken the lives of too many people around the globe and the statistics keep continuing to grow.  

While growing up, I have lost two grandparents due to cancer; one I did not even get to meet. Thousands of people alike have experienced the loss of a family member, friend or acquaintance resulting from cancer.  Not to be a bummer, but I’m sure everyone has been affected in one way or another.  It is such a common disease nowadays that it is almost impossible to escape. I am positive there are other people who feel the same way I do, whether they are witnesses, victims or survivors. After all, cancer sucks.

 There are countless issues that are happening globally that need to be resolved. If individual people had the power to fix the world in five minutes, can you just imagine how amazing the world would be?

 “I would overthrow President Barack Obama so the people could have the power to rule. We could fix society and no longer use the monetary system, cut the military budget, and send relief to third world countries. If we no longer use the monetary system, everyone would have free access to resources. Therefore, this would make the world a better place,” said Alli Ganim, a freshman who is currently undecided with her major.

Stephanie Vela, a freshman social work major, has desires that reflect her intended career path.

“I would have the desire to solve world hunger, poverty, equality, and war. If we accomplish these tasks it will help with advancement of society,” said Vela.

Kaitlyn Robertson, a freshman special education major, focuses on the state of the environment. “If we all reduced, reused and recycled, the planet would be a better place. The air quality, environment and pollution would be improved as a whole.  For the future, the world is looking pretty bad. Everyone needs to make an effort to achieve some kind of improvement in this world. No one seems to be caring enough for there to be actual noticeable changes in the environment. “

Robertson continues, “The emission of fossil fuels is basically what is killing our environment. Fossil fuels are responsible for global warming and pollution. For instance, if people walked more and drove less, toxins would be in the air.  Doing this would also decrease obesity in America due to constant walking and physical activity.”

Ping Zhang, a Chinese professor, explained how technology has taken over communication in the world. She would take a stand to ditch technology for more in person social interaction.

“When I lived in China everything from work meetings to just casual conversations was all done face-to-face. Here in America all communication is done by email and behind a computer screen. You do not really feel the closeness,” said Zhang.

 “People always seem to want to hide behind a phone call; I feel like not many people like to talk in person anymore,” Zhang continues.

Having the ability to fix the world in five minutes would be pretty amazing right? If only we all had the magical powers to have such abilities. Hey, maybe if you believe hard enough it will happen.