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Crobot Is Rocking Brighton Bar on April 2

Hard rock band Crobot is kicking off their 2015 tour at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ, on Thursday, April 2, to promote their new album Something Supernatural

Lead singer Brandon Yeagley’s electric voice spreads like wildfire when combined with Chris Bishop’s guitar. The Figueroa brothers, Jake and Paul, respectively lock down the heavy funk infused bass and a consistent beat of the drums. 

Crobot’s sound can be associated with the hard rock and heavy metal scene of Pottsville, PA, which is also where they formed the band and signed to Wind-Up Records in 2013. 

Crobot is branching out in style since their debut EP, The Legend of the Spacebourne Killer, and really found an organic rhythm by laying down more of a dirty groove that people can rock to. 

The band will be playing a lot of their new material like “Chupacabra” and “Skull of Geronimo,” but it is almost guaranteed that the audience will hear old songs as well (such as “Nowhere left to Hide”) at Brighton Bar on Thursday.

Crobot just returned to the States from Lausanne, Switzerland and many other European countries that they visited on tour. Before beginning their European set, the band played with Limp Bizkit, Black Label Society, Buckcherry, and Filter. 

Brighton Bar sets the tone for the remainder of the tour with one of high energy at a famous punk club venue.

If the 2015 tour is anything like previous sets, Crobot is going to be hitting a lot of different cities with a lot of different bands. Last year, Crobot toured with Chevelle, Clutch, The Sword, Truckfighters, Kill Devil Hill and many more.

After Thursday’s show at Brighton Bar, Crobot continues on to the Hard Times Café in Hagerstown, MA. The 2015 tour has 42 scheduled shows, including a few festivals along the way.crobotlogo

Lead singer Brandon Yeagley’s insane vocals captivate audiences and has a vibrant stage presence, the show on April 2nd should not disappoint.

Crobot’s style has been compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine; if this is your style to then don’t miss out on Thursday’s show!