Student Employee Appreciation Week

Academic Foundations – General Education would like to thank our student hawks – Jess, Brian, Evan, Emily and Adrianna for their assistance, patience, insight and humor. It is truly a pleasure to work with such dedicated students.  – May we all fly together

– Judy, Bea & Kristina


The Department of Athletics would like to thank Katie Cikvosky,  Tionna Garner, Faith Harvey, Daniella Leon-Garcia, and Candace Del Fattore, for all your support throughout the year.

You are truly appreciated!


Sending a big thank you to the students of the Athletics Marketing Office, we couldn’t do what we do without your time and hard work! Also, thank you to our graduating seniors Colette, Jorge and Megan!

–Eddy and Caroline


Athletics Track & Field – Thanks very much to Emily Argano, Harmony Bailey and all of our student workers who help make it happen for the MU Track & Field program.


Career Services would like to thank Anna Mikalauskas and Kara Amos for all the great work they do for us.  Good luck, Anna, as you graduate this May. Kara, we look forward to continuing to work with you as you complete your graduate work. Best wishes to you both for continued success!


Hannah and Vincent, we recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts.  Thank you for all your daily contributions to our office! – The Cashier’s Office – Marilyn, Sue and Jerri 


The Center for the Arts would like to recognize all of our student employees – Alanna, Alex, Amanda, Antoinette, Barret, Caroline, Chelsea, Christian, Daniela, Erica, John, Joy, Jenn, Katie, Kelly B., Kelly C., Marissa, Molly, Owen, Rachel, Raquel, Sarah and Taylor – for all the hard work you do!! YOU ROCK!!


When students and visitors first come to the Center for Student Success (CSS), located on the lower level of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, they are welcomed by one of our friendly student greeters. We want to thank Alex, Andrew, Brian, Jennyrose, Kaelin, Kelly, and Shannon for their good natured attitude in welcoming all students and visitors to the CSS each day. The greeters are always courteous in directing fellow students and visitors where to go for CSS services. We want to thank you for all the support your provide to our departments!


“SWEET JOB” to our MU Central Box Office students!!!!

Thanks for joining us on our adventure this year, through peaks and valleys, twists, turns, and sometimes sticky situations, navigating the journey of our new software roll out.   The path wasn’t always smooth…some days we never knew what obstacles we’d encounter at the next turn, or what the next card held…. But, you kept going and never got stuck!  It’s been a “Real TREAT” working with you, and we appreciate all of you & your Colorful personalities: Amber Nolan, Jessica French, Lily Riche, Megan Smith, Nina Mielcarz, Rose Simoes, Samah Kalifa, and Sam Lozano

~Caitlin & Patti ~


To all our awesome Chemistry & Physics student lab and office assistants: Brittany, Johanny, Amy, John, Brianna, Georga, Taylor, Kara, Sean, Chris, Danielle, Sammy, Roksana, Kristen, Mary, Wes, Toni, Peter, James, Cristin, Sydney, and Kristin – your help is invaluable and appreciated by everyone in our department! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO 


Chemistry – SYDNEY AND AMY-Thank you for your help in Gen Chem Lab!! And JIMMY- Thank you for your help with CE101!!!

With Appreciation, Dr. Rubinstein


Communication Department 

Emerald and Angela you are both diamonds! We want to thank you for all your hard work (especially with the Career Event this past March).  You both rock! 

-Christina and Diane 


The Department of Communication would like to thank, Joey, Will, Kylie, Reina, Pat and Marisa for all their help managing the equipment room. You have all been such a great help. We’re so fortunate to have such a reliable group of student workers. 


Communication – Production Services can only run successfully with the talents of our student crew.  Thank you: Olivia, Alexa, Brielle, Lexi, Julian, Nash, Nick, Sami, Marissa, Anthony, Carly, Larissa, Courtney, Jess, and of course Buttercup, for all the hard work and dedication you bring to every production!


Computer Science  

Troy Gonzalez and Zachary Izzo have done an awesome job helping the students in my Information Technology classes. We will be sad to lose them after they graduate.

-William Reynolds


Computer Science / Information Technology

Lauren, Tara, Christina, Cristin and Jackie are my “dream team” of IT lab assistants!

Thank you from Prof. Kretsch


Conference Services and Special Events

Thank You Student Event Assistants and Student Office Assistants for all that you do to support our office and clients.  We also appreciate those who have helped us from other departments, such as Athletics, Facilities Management and Student Employment.  WE APPRECIATE YOU!  From your friends in Conference Services and Special Events


The Curriculum and Instruction Department would like to express our gratitude and offer a round of applause to Adaeze Amaefule, Krysten Churchwell, Juliana Emilio, Christopher Munguia, Zareen Shueib, Mariah Toussaint, Heather Wells, Nicole Trotta, Kennisha Kelly, Alexandra Krissow, Emma Johansen, Amanda Lisi, and Christina Vargas for their commitment and performance this past year.



Department of Disability Services (DDS) would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our student employees:  Maggie, Reid, Alex, Marissa, Danielle, Stephanie, Niki, Megan, Erin, Kimberlee, Allison, Erica and Krystal


Thank you Krista Delia, Brittany Mirrione, Nicole Giordano, Claudia Schrader, Danielle McCormick and Brittany Quinlan for your excellent contribution to the School of Education Dean’s Office


The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Staff would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our student employees, Antonia Popo, Gina Doto and Raquel Rudofsky. Antonia and Gina, we are grateful for your years of service. When you leave us this May, know that you are creating a large hole in our hearts as well as our department. We wish you all the best. Raquel, you are a promising addition to our team. Thank you all for a wonderful year.


Enrollment Publications

Thank you Marissa, Philip, Kelly, Casey, Jackie, and Taylore for all your hard work! You guys are great, and we really appreciate all that you do!


First Year Advising

A huge and sincere thank you to Anthony Cosentino, Brendan Devaney, Brianna Golden, Harris Kittner, Amy Maginnis, Kaitlyn Mazzeo, Colette Mitola, Courtney Mottola, Alexis Sevecke, Danielle St. Vincent, Gianna Tringali, and Kristin Waring, our fabulous First Year Advising SAM’s, for all of their hard work, dedication, contributions and time that they lend to our department every week.  We greatly appreciate all they do for our department and for our students.  Thank you, from everyone in the First Year Advising Office, for making our department so successful and complete!  You guys are the absolute best!! 


First Year Seminar would like to thank all of the PLAs who supported our classes in the fall and spring semesters.  And a special thanks to our Team Leaders [Victoria, Alyssa, Ayla, Brian, Ally, Alexis, Courtney, Janaya and Jenna]: thanks for the ideas, energy, smiles and laughter you bring to us. You brighten our space, do a lot of our ‘invisible’ work, and we couldn’t run the program without you.

– Bea, Kris and Judy

Dear Jennifer, Nancy, Amanda and Elaine – Words of appreciation, in any language, cannot express how grateful I am for all you do for me and the Department of Foreign Language Studies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; you are an asset in so many ways to all of us!


John Bennett, Ariel Guzman, Tyler Hiznay and Kaitlyn Robertson –

The Office of the General Counsel, the Office of Equity and Diversity, and the Office of Internal Audit would like to thank you for your professionalism and dedicated support as a student employee.

– Grey, Charlene, Sandy, Nina, Debbie, Karen and Fran


To Dayanna, Jazmin, Bridget and Priali,

When it comes to help

We have some of the best,

For filing, phones and all of the rest!

You are professional, responsible

And always on time.

You are hardworking students

Who make Health Services shine!!!

-Thank you from the staff at Health Services


The Office of Human Resources is proud to recognize: Kristin Beshada, Ashley Cuoto, Melis Gore, Roksana Hajduk, Alyssa Kelly, Haley Lindquist, Irys Luna and Gabriella Sorrentino for all of their hard work and dedication to our department. We sincerely appreciate all that you do and we thank you for your continued commitment and enthusiasm. 


Information Management would like to thank all of the STAP Employees for their hard work and dedication. Your contributions to keeping the labs supplied with paper and toner and to assisting students with technology is much appreciated. 


Thank you Information Technology Lab Assistants!  We can’t thank you enough for the work that you do helping students in the classroom! Cristin Bosko, Ashley Botwinick, Jacqueline DiPasquale, Hailey Drucker, Tara Egenton, Zachary Izzo, Erin Kenny, Brian Leung, Austin Marcellino, Dana Mioli, Michael Morse, Christopher Mott, Lauren Niesz, Kelly Santoriello,

Alec Scheuermann, Alexis Scorzelli, Grayce Stalowski, Emma Stowell, Christina Termyna

Chelsie Trombetta, Chenowa Wendel


IRB/IACUC (Provost’s Office)  Eryn and Jessica, Thank you so very much for your dedication to the office, for all of your hard work and kind ways. You make a difference on a daily basis and for that I am eternally grateful! Eryn, I am so proud of you, but I’m really going to miss you after graduation! Love, Debbie


The Monmouth University Library wishes to thank ALL of our student workers for their dedication and commitment!  We appreciate you!


A big THANK YOU to our students Megan, Brianna, Miles, and Charity for their continued efforts and exceptional work at the Long Branch Free Public Library.


Thank you to my Math Learning Center tutors for all your hard work throughout the year!  Wishing all my best to my graduating seniors Jess C., Krista, Jess K., and Brittney.  We will miss you!


Melissa, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with, whether you are working alone or with others on projects here at MonmouthCares we can always depend that it’s done professionally, in a timely manner, and you do it all with a smile.  You are a great worker. – Mark F.


The Department of Music and Theatre would like to express their great appreciation for their student employees, Michael Burke, Shayna Conde, David Depaola, Brennan Lanni, Kiera Lanni and Molly Mantell. Thank you for another outstanding year.  You all ROCK!


The School of Nursing and Health Studies would like to thank Cassidy, Kaitlin and Sabrina for all their years of hard work and dedication!  You girls are the best!!


The Outlook would like to thank and acknowledge all of our student workers. Each one of you bring something special and unique to The Outlook .  You are truly appreciated, and thanks for ALL that you do! Jessica Leahy, Ramon Ferrer, Cara Ciavarella, Evan Mydlowski, Matthew Toto, Jessica Anastasio, and Tyler Hansen. 

Ben,  Thank you for being an important part of the MU Police Traffic Office.  We appreciate all you do!  From Ruth & Andrea


The Office of the President would like to recognize our outstanding student workers: Ayla Yildiz and Brianna Golden.  Thank you for your tremendous efforts supporting our office this year.  

 ~President Brown, Annette Gough and Tina Agnello 


Peer Tutoring

Sincere appreciation and gratitude doesn’t begin to express how much I value my center staff and peer tutors. Working with this group of talented, bright, responsible, enthusiastic students is the best part of my job. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Dorothy


Political Science & Sociology

Brianna and Erin you guys have been a fixture in our department for the last 4 years.  We will miss you and wish you all the best as you graduate!


To Jessica, Dave, Calliope & Alicia:

Thanks for all you do to keep the Department of Psychology running smoothly!


The Office of Public Affairs would like to thank our student workers; Graziella, Liam, Lyssa, Marcelle, Nina, Tara and Taylore for their outstanding work.  We couldn’t do it without all of you!


To Kat D’Amico and Jazmin Habbab: You have both been  wonderful assets to the P-card Department. I l look forward to seeing you each day.  Thanks for always having such enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever task is asked of you.  I can’t thank you enough. I love the singing.



Office of the Registrar

Dear Sara, We are so happy to have you and thank you for being so reliable and for all of your help!  Lynn, Karen W., Debbie, Marc, Lacy Jane, Carol, Doris, Peggy, Marlene, Karen M., Sharon and Gloria 


The Office of Residential Life would like to thank Julie, Heather, Shamika & Paul for all of their hard work!


Program for the Acceleration in Computer Science Program in the School of Science and Dr. Chester Anderson send a sincere thank you to Buryl Fortney, Daniel Davitelis, Miranda Richardson, Gabby Ruiz, Lauren Mrazik, and Stephen Wayde for your hard work and dedication to the PAC Program during the past school year. Thanks for giving up your Saturday mornings to work with the PAC students!


The Dean’s Office in the School of Science sends a big thank you to Phil DiMarco and January 2015 graduate Gary Mejia for helping us out.  Your enthusiasm and dedication are much appreciated!


Shannon, Michelle, Alyssa, Kevin and Andrea, thank you for your dedication, creativity, and hard work in the Office of Service Learning and Community Service! 


To all of my “Favorites”, the heart and soul of the SPECL department main office-  Achau, Alyssa, Ashley, Christine, Dana, Dylan, Elly, Emma, Haley, Kayla & Shreeja….. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your many valuable contributions to the Speech Pathology, Educational Counseling, & Leadership Office, in the School of Education. I am often awe-struck by the depth of maturity, compassion and professionalism that each and every one of you brings to your position on a daily basis. I am encouraged and inspired by your commitment to this position, particularly in light of your other academic, personal and professional obligations. My days are often enriched by our contact and I wish all of you only future success and happiness. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are!!  It is truly a pleasure to work with each of you!!!!


Student Employment – Ultipro’s

Everyone deserves a medal this year- the first year of Ultipro!  Val, we love your fliers. Gabriella more students get paid because of your phone calls. Daniela we appreciate your fact checking.  Nick we love your humor.  Faith & Jessica thank you for giving us time when you can. We love to hear both of you laugh. Aashini, thank you for your attention to detail & your pleasant demeanor. Melissa we look forward to seeing you every time you come in.  Gabriella, Melis & Jess, all the best for graduation !! Congrats!  Check out our Ultipro door everyone!

Welcome newbies Kaitlyn, Angelica, LEKEITH and special guests, Ariel, Domoah & Brandon!


Crystal, thank you, thank you, thank you. The Kortney Rose Foundation couldn’t do all we do without you!


The Turner Syndrome Foundation, a national nonprofit organization located in Hazlet, has come to rely on the talent and dedication of Monmouth University students; Emily Escobar, Alexis Gratton, Nicole Ingraffia, and Irys Luna.  We would like to applaud their continued academic and experiential success!


Undergraduate Admission Office – To our Tour, Room, and Phone Ambassadors: Thank you all so much for the time and passion you put into your job in our office.  You impact the lives of our prospective students and those who are already Hawks more than you know!


WMCX is fortunate to have Emily, Latonia and Quentin work with us. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.




Congratulations to this year’s nominees for Student Employee of the Year:


Erin Ally – Political Science & Sociology

Emily Argano – Athletics/Track & Field

Harmony Bailey – Athletics/Track & Field

John Bennett – Office of General Counsel

Jessica Calabro – Honors School

Vanessa Campo – Counseling and Psychological Services

Sara Guerra –Office of the Registrar 

Bennie Kanzler – Undergraduate Admission

Brian Martin – First Year Seminar

Brianna McCabe – Political Science & Sociology

Dana McCann – Speech Language Pathology in School of Education

Marissa Morhman – Center for the Arts

Hanna Najafi- Division of Finance

Emily Pascali – WMCX Radio

Jessica Pinto – Purchasing Card Department

Sara Rimassa – English

Alya Yildiz– Office of the President


Congratulations to this year’s nominees for Supervisor of the Year:


Bea Rogers, Academic Foundations/First Year Seminar

Brian Gabriel, Athletics 

Justy Daley, Athletics- Sports Medicine 

Eileen Jones, Foreign Language Studies

Kristen Gillette, Kourtney Rose Foundation 

Robyn Salvo, Human Resources 

Megan McGowan, Student Activities 

Aimee Parks, Student Employment

Colleen Finnigan, Speech Pathology, Educational Counseling and Leadership

Erin Smith, Undergraduate Admissions 

Terence Bodak, University Engagement


Student Employment Superlative Awards:


Most punches on an Ultipro Time Card in one pay period:  Brian Martin


Most Number of Gender Inequity Forms Submitted:  Sarah Braga Guimarao!


The “Ulti-PRO” Supervisor Award (award named in part by Coach Juwan Jackson), award recipient: Linda Gonzalez, Service Learning & Community Programs