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Senior Asad Whitehead Receives $10,000 Live Nation Scholarship

Asad Whitehead, a senior music industry student, recently was awarded a $10,000 scholarship from the entertainment company Live Nation and its partner Music Forward Foundation. The scholarship specifically supports students who are pursuing a career in concert promotion, venue operation, sponsorship, ticketing, and artist management.

On campus, Whitehead is involved in numerous student-led clubs, such as HawkTV, Blue Hawk Records, and WMCX, all of which he cites as having been valuable experiences to help shape his future career.

“This would not have been possible without the resources and guidance that Monmouth provides for me and other students,” Whitehead said. “Through various hands-on experiences such as HawkTV, Blue Hawk Records, and WMCX, I have been able to learn what it means to work in the music industry.”

In addition to clubs on campus, Whitehead is also in the process of developing his own live entertainment brand called Versatile Arts & Entertainment. The brand’s mission is to serve as a diverse platform for artists of both various media and cultures. He also works as a radio talk show host, a music production intern, an event entertainment intern, and a studio manager.

The scholarship was awarded to only six individuals in 2023, and Whitehead hopes to use the scholarship in both artistically and professionally beneficial ways.

“Winning the Live Nation Scholarship means everything to me,” he said in an article for Live Nation. “It represents a transformative milestone in my musical journey that will open doors to new opportunities and shape my future in the music industry. To me, this scholarship is not just a financial award, but instead a recognition of my dedication, talent, and potential as an aspiring professional. It serves as validation of the countless hours I have poured into honing my craft, refining my skills, and pursing my passion.”

Joe Rapolla, specialist professor and chair of the Department of Music and Theatre Arts, recognizes both Whitehead’s ambition and drive to pursue what he’s passionate about.

“Asad has leaned in to the variety of our program offerings, and proactively pursued areas that align with his interests,” Rapolla said. “We are thrilled that he was awarded this by one of our partners, Live Nation. It is a pleasure to work with Asad, and an honor to support him in all his endeavors.”