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Outdoors Club Ventures to Vermont for the Weekend

While most students were leaving their dorms and houses to head home for fall break, 10 students from the Outdoors Club were embarking on adventure they would never forget.

The students departed from the Rebecca Stratford Student Center on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8 am to arrive in Vermont at 4:30 that evening. The students intended to hike a few national parks, but due to the government shutdowns, they had a change in plans.

“We were nomads,” junior Rachel Fox said. “We winged it every night.”

The first two nights, the students were supposed to stay at the Green Mountain National Forest, but this trip was altered due to the government shutdown.

“The most unexpected part of the trip was having the national forest campsites closed,” junior Mike Kulik said.

Fortunately, the students found that Vermont’s state parks were still open to public and they drove to Camels Hump to hike. There, the students officially began their version of fall break.

“We hiked, we rock climbed, went on a rope swing, and even went into the town of Branden and ate at a local diner,” Fox said about the trip.

On Saturday, October 12, the students made a three hour journey and switched their location to Emerald Lake State Park. The men in the group got up early to climb prior to their hike and swim.

In Kulik’s eyes, Emerald Lake State Park held the true gem of the entire trip. “My favorite part was swimming to an island, hiking across it, and finding the most amazing rope swing on the other side,” said Kulik.

Senior David Aviles agreed with Kulik as he said, “My favorite part of the trip was taking a plunge in the lake. Despite the cold water and windy mountain breeze the adrenaline rush and memories created thereby were worth it.”

Despite the cold water, Fox said the students mostly saw weather in the 70’s. “This camping trip could not have been more perfect between the weather, the beautiful setting, and the good company,” Fox concluded.

The students acted as the guinea pigs of this trip since this Vermont itinerary has never been ventured by MU students before. It also was an unofficial Outdoors Club event, so the students were essentially on their own. While that may sound bad, Kulik claimed this was one of the most fun trips he has ever attended, and he hopes to make Vermont State Parks an annual travel spot.

The Outdoors Club tries to involve students every weekend in events. Their next scheduled activity will be a day hike at Palisades, more specifically the Bombay Hook Trail, on Saturday, Oct. 19. For more information, contact the Outdoors Club President, Michael Kulik, or the Outdoors Club advisor, Professor William Reynolds.