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University’s Enactus Team to Compete in NY

The University Enactus team will compete at the New York, NY Regional Competition on April 3, 2013. The event is one of ten Regional Competitions being held across the United States in March and April. 

Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to enable human progress. Enactus looks to establish student programs on college campuses across the nation. Enactus students apply business concepts to develop community outreach projects, transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

Previously known as SIFE, the global organization has changed their name to Enactus. The name stands for three different attributes that the organizations want to develop. “EN” represents the entrepreneur skills, which speaks to the mind of a potential business man or woman developing new and innovative ideas. “Act” is a call to action the organization has for its members. It’s not enough to develop an idea, one must also bring that idea to life. And “US” signifies the global community involving everyone in the pursuit of helping out those who are in need with a philanthropic mind.

Previously, the Enactus team travelled to Bokod Benguet in the Philippines, to volunteer in providing medical examinations to those who were not able to get proper medical help. The team was in charge of registering the potential patients and also assisting the doctors in their duties when called upon.

They were able to service about 250 people, and offer free medical services that ranged from  general check-ups, basic surgery, and dental services.

Mel Meneses, president of the club commented on the experience saying, “It was such a great opportunity to see the faces of the people and know that you have changed their lives.” Meneses and members of the Enactus team will be partnering with the Life Through Hope Foundation to  make their second trip down to the Philippines for a week this coming June.

Life of Hope’s mission, according to their website, is to “travel across the globe, specifically to remote areas, in order to reach the less fortunate who cannot readily obtain medical services. We venture into these places and conduct medical missions to treat sick patients.”

The Enactus Team also does local work volunteering at the weekly soup kitchen in Long Branch. Nick Gencorelli, treasurer, stated “You get attached to the cause and the only thing that you think about is helping out.”

The Enactus Team will be making their second trip to the Regional Competition looking to capture their second trophy in recent years. Last appearing in the competition in 2010, the team received second place in the Regional Competition and in 2008 received the Rookie of the Year award for most outstanding new chapter.

Meneses expressed his excitement about the upcoming competition, “It’s always a great opportunity to represent Monmouth in this competition and my team and I are looking forward to this experience.”

Participating students use business concepts to develop community outreach projects, transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

If Enactus wins at the New York Regional Competition, the team will advance to the 2013 Enactus U.S. National Exposition in Kansas City, Missouri, May 21-23. 

The club meets every Monday at 6:00 pm in the Student Center, room 202B. The Enactus team advisor is John Buzza. For more information about the club, contact Sharina Smith, Vice President of Marketing for Enactus U.S. at 417.575.3582, or by email ssmith@enactus.org .