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Alpha Sigma Tau is Smarter Than a Fraternity Man

Approximately 200 students came to see if sorority sisters were smarter than fraternity brothers at Alpha Sigma Tau’s (AST) event, “Are you Smarter than a Fraternity Man?” Over $1,300 was raised for the sorority’s philanthropy, The Ashley Lauren Cancer Foundation, on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 10 pm in Pollak Theatre.

AST President Jenna Ferraro said the event has the same concept of the popular game show, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” but with a bit of a Monmouth twist. The categories for the event included Monmouth University history, Fraternity and Sorority history, Greek Life, and Music.

The game show lasted four rounds and in each subsequent round the questions increased in difficulty.

The event was suggested to the sisters of AST by another chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). The sisters of the AST chapter at FDU were in attendance in support of the event. The University’s chapter of AST sorority sisters were victorious in the event and proved they were “smarter than a fraternity man” in their first fall event of the semester.

Michael Migliaro, senior communication major and brother of Phi Kappa Psi, said, “I have participated in a few Greek events, but nothing crazy, like this.” When asked what he meant by “crazy,” Migliaro explained, “It was more of a team effort, not a single man out there… I felt like I was going to have to perform by myself out there, but knowing that the other fraternities were there it got a bit easier and more fun for me.”

Most Greek events are competition based and consist of individual acts or performances, whereas this event was a group effort. The groups were able to congregate after each question to come to a conclusion of an answer, which changed the dynamics of the “traditional” Greek event.

Samantha Barnwell, sophomore education and history major, was a contestant in the game. Barnwell said even though she wasn’t aware of the categories beforehand, she was able to come into the event with and open mind. She said, “I think that when I get nervous I just start talking. I guess it is a part of my outgoing personality.”

The hosts of the event were Adam Scarangella, brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), and Cristina Rauco, sister of AST. The hosts kept the contestants on their feet by asking them to perform dances for bonus points in between rounds. Contestants were asked to do the “Stanky Leg”, “Cotton-Eyed Joe” and also tap dance throughout the night. This kept the crowd involved, and used their applause to judge the dances.

Scarangella is the AST sweetheart. According to the AST Sorority Policy and Position Statements (2008), “The Sweetheart of Alpha Sigma Tau is an honorary designation for a gentleman who exhibits behavior beyond reproach, respects the Sorority and its members, supports the ideals and purposes of the Sorority, and supports the chapter in its endeavors.”

“As the sweetheart it is nice for me to give back to the sorority. All of the girls do a lot for me, and I like to do a lot for them back, so it makes sense for be to host the event tonight,” Scarangella said.

According to Rosemary Belonis, sophomore music industry and communication major who ran the event, there were no specific qualifications for contestants to participate in the event. Belonis contacted all of the sororities and invited them to partake in the event. Sororities and fraternities nominated the sisters and brothers that participated.

Not every Greek organization was represented at the event.

Douglas Stives, Specialist Professor of Accounting and Six-Year Advisor of AST, said, “It’s great to see college students having a good time without booze or smoking.” Stives added he likes Greek events because of the nature and spirit of friendly competition.

Belonis said she was extremely pleased with the success of the event, especially since it was the first time being hosted. “Tonight’s event was about having fun, and for everyone to enjoy themselves, and I really think that happened tonight.”

Additional reporting done by Brianna McCabe.

PHOTO TAKEN by Taylor Copp