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Sorority Bingo Night Gives Girls Closer Look at Greek Life

The Panhellenic Council hosted Bingo Night Friday, Nov. 14, in Anacon Hall to give students an opportunity to get to know each different sorority organization the University has to offer.

“The purpose of the Bingo event is to have a fun, involved setting for girls to come and learn about each organization on campus, along with meeting sisters from each,” said Kendall Bohannon, Panhellenic Council Vice President of Recruitment. “This allows for potential new members to get a better sense of the Panhellenic Community and the chapters within.”

“Panhellenic Council required ten members from each sorority to be present and encouraged girls interested in joining Greek life to attend as well,” said Ariana Tepedino, Panhellenic Council President and senior English major.

“Bingo Night has a variety of prizes for winners, and it plays an important role in the recruitment process for both sororities and students interested in Greek life,” said Bohannon. “It is a fun, relaxed event that allows for easy socialization between girls interested and members of the Panhellenic Community.”

Bingo Night gives the potential new members of Greek life an opportunity to form connections prior to formal recruitment.

“Often times, students make great connections at these events and it helps them feel more comfortable when going through the formal recruitment process and serves as a means of comfort due to the fact that they know a handful of girls they will see during recruitment,” said Tepedino.

According to Jon Buchalski, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Bingo Night allows for the sororities to market themselves as well, giving them a chance to present their organization between each round of bingo. This is the second year the Panhellenic Council hosted Bingo Night, yielding a successful turnout.

“This year we had a turnout of about 100 students, last year we had the same,” said Tepedino. “It has been very consistent.”

In order to achieve this turnout, the Panhellenic Council made sure students were aware of the importance of getting to know the organizations prior to recruitment. They used multiple outlets to promote the event, such as various social media pages, word of mouth, the University calendar. They noted that the event would be a fun, carefree environment great for learning about the organizations, according to Bohannon.

For the future, Tepedino said marketing for the Bingo Night more in advance to reach a wider audience would be beneficial for everyone, both potential new members and chapters.

“Making the event more ‘open’ to chapter members would improve the event,” said Bohannon.

The purpose of Bingo Night is to aid in the recruitment process, helping potential new members and active sisters in the Greek community get more acquainted, according to Tepedino.

“The best advice I would give to any student would be to make an informed decision about the organizations you are interested in joining,” said Buchalski. “The more you know, the easier it will be to commit yourself to the fraternity or sorority.”

Bingo Night was for Panhellenic sorority chapters, including only the women of Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Phi Sigma Sigma; the Interfraternity Council, consisting of only males, and the Multicultural Greek Council were not represented at this event, said Tepedino.

“The six Panhellenic chapters we have are composed of inspiring, determined, and intelligent young women who seek to make the most of their college experience by joining these organizations,” said Tepedino. “We preach making connections, following your gut, and not joining an organization just because a friend or roommate is.”

“As for chapters looking to gain new members,” Buchalski said, “the best advice I would give to the organizations of the community would be to evaluate who they are, what makes them different, and what benefits they provide to members.”

Students can stay up to date on recruitment and Greek life events by joining the Facebook group, ‘Monmouth University Women Go Greek,’ as well as reaching out to a recruitment counselor, Bohannon, Buchalski, or Tepedino.